Some Global warming Issues

Global warming Issues

Sea Level rising
The deep ocean seafloor is often a cold, dark place, barren of life. But from time to time a large bounty such as a whale carcass will drift down from the surface. Then sea life explodes: all manner of worms and other invertebrates arrive in larval form to colonize the dead organic matter and population increases dramatically — for a short time. Inevitably the resource dwindles and the population collapses.
In a similar fashion, humans now live upon the resource of dead organic matter. We’ve found our dead whale below ground, in the form of oil, gas and coal — the fossil remains of plants that lived long ago.
Fossil energy has fueled the advent and development of the industrial age and allowed human population to explode. The product of our industrial respiration, carbon dioxide (CO2), has increased in the atmosphere and now threatens to spoil our nest. The atmosphere does more than provide us with oxygen to breathe, it controls the heat balance of the world. The trouble is, compared to the ocean, the atmosphere is relatively small in mass, so human-induced changes can affect it dramatically. READ MORE....

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