Crohn's Disease Therapy

A reader saw my item on the application of worms to theproblem of colitis.  The work that I commentedon certainly indicated that Crohn’s disease and related issues were prospectivetargets for a designed therapy.  Thisshows us that a group of researchers are pursuing this with significantsuccess.

I was also able to achieve remission from Crohn's aftergetting hookworms and whipworms. You can follow my progress here:

Also, there's a wiki page that contains a ton of information on this topic,including helminthic therapy providers:

A whole lot of research articles on helminthic therapy can be found here:

I am publishing these because I know folks who have thistype of problem suffer mightily and are desperate for relief.

There are three types of worms that may be used and havebeen used as far as I can tell.  Nonereproduce inside the bowel and this permits tight population control.  It is thus a matter of choosing the mostconvenient.  Actual blood absorption isminute and will not affect ones health. These worms cause no disease in humans and are mere inconveniences.

So odd and counter indicative for most of our assumptionsas this therapy might be, there is plenty of data suggesting that it helps restabilizethe operation of the bowel and restores general health.  Upon which, it should be possible to simplyremove the worms and one hopes the bowels remain healthy.  That is a reasonable prognosis if the diseasehas completely disappeared.

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