Franklin Graham Endorses Sarah Palin

Ofcourse Sarah is not running for the presidency, but Franklin can certainly endorse herChristianity as he very much does right here. 

Watchthe video and you are shown a fresh perspective on Sarah Palin, who is on theway to been the most examined life in the political arena.  The surprise is that she is up to it.

Shewent to Haitiand refused the press.  The press endedup with Franklinand gave us this.  You could not havescripted it much better.

Franklin Graham: Palin's Compassion TouchedHaitians' Hearts
Thursday,16 Dec 2010 12:38 PM
By Henry J. Reske and Kathleen Walter

Sarah Palin’s visit tothe earthquake-ravaged Haitishowed she is not “afraid to get her hands dirty,” says the Rev. FranklinGraham. The former Alaskagovernor is a “woman of strong principle and no question she has a strong faithin God,” the son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham said during a Newsmax.TVinterview in which he discussed his hosting her Haitian visit.

“I showed her what Samaritan’s Purse has done” to alleviate the suffering fromthe killer earthquake and a hurricane this year, said Graham, president of theinternational relief organization. “We have built over 10,000 shelters forpeople to live in. We have set up entire communities across the Port-au-Prince area, butmore importantly there is a cholera epidemic now and this cholera epidemic wasunderstated . . . This could be a huge, huge problem. We have already 2,000people dead.”

The January earthquake killed more than 200,000 people and left more than 1million homeless. The poverty-stricken country was hit with a cholera epidemicin October and then widespread flooding after Hurricane Tomas in earlyNovember.

Samaritan’s Purse has set up two clinics, including one with 200 beds, to treata disease so deadly in can kill in hours, Graham told Newsmax.TV in theexclusive interview.

Graham, who said he has worked with Palin on a number of projects in Alaska,invited her to Haitito view the relief efforts. Accompanying her on the tour last weekend were herhusband, Todd, and daughter Bristol

The former GOP vice-presidential candidate “has tremendous compassion forpeople, she loves people, and she cares deeply about people,” Graham said.
“She was an encouragement not only to the staff and to the relief workers (but)even to the Haitian people who didn’t know her,” Graham said.

“She came in with her smile. She would sit on the cots. Now, you have tounderstand a cholera clinic, these cots have been soaked in urine, and fecalmatter, and vomit. Cholera is a horrible thing, and she just sat right there inthe middle of it, holding peoples’ hands, talking to people, holding babies, itwas an amazing thing. She’s quite a lady and not afraid to get her handsdirty.”

The topic of whether Palin will run for president did not come up, Graham said.News reports about her visit have quoted her as saying it wasn’t time to bepolitical. Instead, she said as she ended her two-day visit, “I do urgeAmericans not to forget Haiti."

As for Graham’s appraisal of Palin, he said: “When you read her book ‘GoingRogue,’ she gives a testimony on how she gave her life to God. And the lastpage of her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she mentions or says to the reader if youhaven’t done what I’ve done, I encourage you to do it. And she invites a personto invite God into their heart, their life. I’ve seen the governor on a numberof occasions and no question her faith is a big part of her life — that’s whoshe is. She’s a believer in Jesus Christ, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ,that’s just her makeup. It’s her DNA.” 

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