Greek Pantheon

I have already posted on mysurprising conjecture regarding the material in Genesis.   My insight there was to understand that weare reading a report on the resettlement of the Mid East by a colonizing grouporiginally led by Noah.  Coming after thePleistocene nonconformity and a general recovery, this group of genetically optimizedhuman beings left their space habitats and began to establish agriculture in theircolonizing area in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphratesand surrounds. This included rich lands in the present day Persian Gulf that can be restored.

No one ever questions that Noah wasa human being nor his family who individually lived for centuries but werestill mortal.

The Greek pantheon can also bereinterpreted the same way.  They basedthemselves up on a mountain plateau and this likely took on the same role asArarat.  As I have posted, large freighthandling MEVs (Magnetic Exclusion Vessels – article on reverse engineering aUFO) are limited as to altitude and are way more efficient if they do not tryto land too deep in Earth’s Magnetic field. Thus the initial base will be on a convenient mountain for transshipmentdown to the plains.

The geographical Mount Olympusmay well be landing site, as could any number of other high points throughoutthe globe.  In the event we have a groupof human beings establishing a safe house and sending out colonists toestablish first agricultural settlements. Again this particular mountain places the station close to the Danubeand accessible to the Mediterranean.  This is definitely good enough to populateall of Europe with little in the way of watercraft.

I also suspect similar stationswere established in Western Europe and thatadditional breeds of humanity were also introduced.  Who knows what they were thinking.  The two stations identified are only athousand miles apart but both access major river systems which is surely thekey.  In Europe we have the Rhine and surrounding forests so a third station at leastseems likely.

All these so called pantheons arehuman beings having long live spans, sufficient to leave the legend ofimmortality.  They are obviously all gonenow, so immortality was not real.

Once we dismiss ideas ofsupernatural aspects and reduce our purported gods to the local stationmanagers acting on behalf of the central colonization authority, otherwiseknown as GOD,  the rest becomes simpletales of their folly as passed down to us in oral tales.

Once the historical connectiondisappeared, it led to the establishment of the idea of a supernatural GOD andpantheon assigning god hood to known individuals.  All this gets past the idea that the directconnection is now severed.  From thatarose a supernatural religion we know today. In a sense natural ideas of local deities, which is very satisfying andreassuring morphed into the universal idea of a greater GOD who took on thesame role by attaching itself to the obviously greater power of the stationkeepers.  It all seems so obvious andconsistent.

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