Argentine Chupacabra Tale

Here is another tale that isquite different from those reports we have had from either Puerto Rico (Gargoylelike) or Texas(Dog like with jack legs).  Here we get adog like face not unlike the sea land skull. Where did this come from?  Wecould be chasing this forever.

We are actually getting far toofew eye witness reports.  Seconds are notenough when one is under shock and focused on the object.  This may well have been a poorly observedgargoyle which still is our best explanation for what is been commonlyreported.

I noticed recently that othershave taken up the gargoyle idea that I put out a while back as a reasonablename for what has been reported.

The authenticity of this critteris a long way from been  demonstrated,but the continuing reports and the wiliness of farmers to shoot first makes itlikely that one will be brought down.  Noone thinks these are human.

Its ability to kill large animalsis unusual and surely is related to its taking blood.  Its eating of easily available organ meat isexpected of a carnivore as that provides best energy. 

The long history of mutilation oflarge animals is nicely solved by such a critter and its aerial mobility keepsit from been localized.

Argentina: Family Faces the Dreaded Chupacabras

Source: Diario Popular OnLine

Argentina: La Pampa Family Faces theDreaded Chupacabras

By Pachi LaFata

This is among the most traumatic and complex episodes of UFOlogy in recenttimes, and it took place in the Pampean locale of Santa Rosa on a 70 hectare field belonging toa cattle ranching family. One afternoon, the Giménez family witnessed strangemovements and upon looking closely, the came face to face for ten seconds witha strange being they identified as the infamous “Chupacabras” as it fled thearea after mutilating a cow

In an interview with Expedientes Secretos, Andrea Perez Simondini of theVisionOVNI group remarked that “the La Pampaepisode is among the most complex that we have had to investigate, given thefact that it contains many elements that link the phenomenology popularlyassociated with the Chupacabras to everything concerning the UFO phenomenon.”

Pérez Simondini also provided an important clue by highlighting that “in the LaPampa case, asin many others, there are direct links with the last study carried out in theMisiones incident, with the mass mutilation of ten sheep.”

A Detailed Report

Regarding the La Pampaevent, Simondini recently published a document written by the protagoniststhemselves – the Giménez couple – making evident yet again the need forinvestigating these cases in depth. “We are Alberto and Alicia, and we arewriting to tell you about our somewhat startling experience, involving a closeencounter with the alleged Chupacabras,” said the couple in the document aboutthe 2008 incident.

“We are from Santa Rosa, La Pampa Province,west of Buenos Aires Province. We live in asmall seventy hectare field where we keep 30 cows and general livestock. Ourcountry has recently suffered the strange phenomenon of cattle mutilations,attributed in great measure to this bizarre being,” stated the protagonists.

They explained: “Our cow pasture is approximately two kilometers away from ourhome. We tend to release them from their pens at eight in the morning, a taskcarried out by our three farmhands, and we bring them back ourselves in theafternoon, aided by our eldest son.

Among the Trees

Winter was just starting when the events occurred, and the couple was gettingready to bring in the cows around five o’clock in the afternoon. At thatmoment, Alberto saw three of his cows running some 200 meters from the stables.“This surprised us, because the cows have learned their daily routine. It shouldbe noted that the pasture is located near a very dense patch of vegetation.This prompted us to jump into our pickup truck and head toward them in a hurry,feeling concerned.”

“The closer we got, the more we were alarmed as the cows were scattered. Ourson jumped out of the pickup to round up the cattle, when were struck by apervasive and disagreeable smell. We tried find out the source of the smell,and after walking 300 meters into the wilderness, we found the mutilatedcarcass of a cow missing its internal organs and genitals,” they said in thedocument.

According to the story “there was no trace of blood, which was surprising.” Butthat wasn’t all, because after combing the area for 10 minutes, Alicia heardstrange noises from the pasture near the brush. He thought it was someonetrying to sneak away. “We approached thinking we’d find a cattle rustler or ananimal responsible for the cow’s death. We were scant meters away when we saw abeing with the Chupacabras’s characteristics. We could see it for approximately10 seconds, as it vanished into the trees,” they stated.

Simondini explained about the case that “it is very serious, confirmed evenfurther by interviews to the family unit and with field work performed in thearea.” She added: “the episode can be added to a long chain of events ofsimilar characteristics. The latest was in Misiones, with the mutilated sheepthat are still under study.”

An Uncommon Entity

Tales of encounters with the chupacabras are uncommon. In general, cases becomeknown when mutilated animals are found. For this reason, the Gimenez family’sreport in La Pampais special. “The witnesses had the chance to run across the chupacabras,defining it as a 2-meter tall being with abundant fur, a face similar to thatof a dog, claws, and great agility when it comes to leaping or climbing.”Simondini seeks “the close relationship between these cases and the UFOphenomenon, including events where
the creature’s manifestations are tied to apparitions of lights.”

Andrea Perez Simondini is one of the country’s best-known researchers. Both sheand her mother, Silvia Simondini of the VisionOVNI team, carry out a number ofstudies on cattle mutilation cases and their link to the UFO phenomenon. Withregard to the La Pampaincident, and the Gimenez family’s story, she remarks that “mutilations occurall the time, throughout the country,” explaining that “not only thediscoveries are involved: there are strange episodes before and after theanimal attacks.”

“For example, we’ve recorded episodes of cattle attacks which also left hens inthe area sterile, unable to lay eggs, within the framework of biologicalconsequences that probably share the same origin,” notes Simondini. She alsocommented about the case involving “a rooster in Misiones that had to be putdown in the area where the mass sheep mutilation occurred, due to its abruptchange of behavior.”

The La Pampaincident is associated with many episodes. In the locality of Colonia Elia inEntre Rios, in 2004, the creature was also seen by witness, in this case theson of the owners of an industrial chicken farm. He fired four times at theentity, but never managed to wound it. We carried out in-depth field work inthe area, and we even found hairs in a trap that the family had placed to catchthe entity.” As part of the report created around the event, the protagonistmade a drawing which highlighted the “visitor’s” main characteristics.

(Translation (c) 2010 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez,Planet UFO)

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