New Theta Universe Spotted (video)

Muka-Muki Universe
Calling it the greatest development in astro-physics and cosmology in decades, scientists all over the Earth have confirmed - a new universe has come into being! Scientists have based their reports on the recent merging of two theta galaxies which have combined to form a new universe over the last six days. The new universe is apparently powered by a massive theta ball at its center. Scientists say that particle speeds in the merger, averaging an astounding 24 billion miles per second, have been far beyond super-luminal, that is to say, far exceeding the speed of light, the theoretical limit for particle speed at 186,000 miles per second. At such unimagined particle speeds, enough power is being generated, scientists say, to affect all other known universes including our own in a big big way. Scientists refused to speculate as to whether there may be a new form of life associated with the new universe, which has been dubbed, The Muka-Muki Universe, but have confirmed the emanation of intelligent transmissions across a wide array of frequencies for the past 6 days. "Apparently," said one observer,"someone is out there, trying to communicate with a mixture of Earth languages, Spanish, English, French and Ebonics. There is definitely intelligence out there reaching to us."
One of the world's leading astro-physicists, over whelmed by the implications of the this new discovery, waxed rhapsodic in the following free verse:

Two spiral galaxies mate,
afloat as swirling mists of stars-
Turning slowly, tumbling upon one another in space
like curling spirals of blue-white smoke in a darkened room-!
They slowly turn
to engage one another
until they blend and merge
and a new gravity center
is created deep in their luminous core-!

Star incubators and nurseries
emerge on perturbatious waves:
 the warp of space and the woof of time -
Nebulae expand, super-novas explode,
flare and light up boundless space
illuminating heavy dark-matter clouds of dust,
spewing forth the sparkling elements of life
and new verdant spinning worlds abound-!

As coiling filaments of
twisting ion currents
enmesh and structure space
directing enormous flows of energy,
matter, thought, light and life-
Out of seeming nothingness pops out
a living web of cosmic eternal Beingness-!
(author, Anonymous)

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