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The take home thought here isthat inflammation is an indicator of an imbalance of proteins in the affectedregion.  It arguably supports therapiesthat stimulate all this.  Because rigoris still lacking, a lot of this is mere guess work.

Forgetting propaganda about theimmune system may at least eliminate another flawed misdirection as oftenhappens in medicine.

The idea that a protein imbalancecan be corrected is a useful idea.  It iscertainly no more wrong in terms of application.  One leads to a dose of anti inflammatories andthe other perhaps to a massage.  Eitherwill not harm and either may actually help. Better still, take an aspirin and get a massage as the first step in anyregimen.  Then ask your doctor if thereis a real problem.

Again this helps open eyes topossibilities denied by medical misdirection far too unwittingly common.

Inflammation: Take a Look at the Lymphological View

Sunday, December 26, 2010 by: Karl J West CL, PCE, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) In 2001, the medical community began admitting thatinflammation is a common denominator of every degenerative disease known toman. The life`s work of Dr. C. Samuel West should therefore have beenofficially validated. Today the official story on inflammation is primarily oneof blame on the immune system. According to current medical consensus - your immunesystem might be out to get you! However, there seems to be many gaps in theusual explanations for inflammation. The ability to see these gaps is theability to recognize measures that can prevent inflammation andmuch of what results in virtually any disease process.

Inflammation is not a single phenomena. It is a group of a great deal ofcombined phenomenon that may only be properly explained through lymphology orcellular ecology. The main thing to understand about inflammation is the waythat the initial process impacts the cell environment and therefore theorganisms that become exposed to those conditions. It is obviousthat the conditions in which these cells must interact must be corrected beforewe can expect to correct how the organisms function and behave.

One aspect of inflammation that is particularly neglected in formal educationalinstitutions is the way that blocked circulation by way of "trappedplasma proteins"produce the conditions that result in any degenerativedisease one might care to name (and in no way have the conventionalmedical curriculum ever properly implicated trapped plasma proteins in thecausation of any disease). So it is an amazing dichotomy when inflammationitself is such a process of blocked circulation and is finally determined to bea common denominator of every disease, and yet the immune system is found to bethe culprit of it all...

In the 70`s Dr. C. Samuel West became the first in the world to lecturepublicly on "trapped plasma proteins" and developed a method ofactivating the lymphaticsystem dynamically that he called The Art of Lymphasizing, a group oftechniques used to disassociate the plasma proteins and pull out the excessfluid from around the cells. As Dr. West taught, "this brings the oxygenback into the cells and turns on the electric generators that give each part ofthe body the power towork properly".

The original Art of Lymphasizing is a combination of deep breathing,bouncing, stroking, compressing tissues, and energy techniques that have beenused successfully by tens of thousands of people around the world.

Today, the Academy Dr. Westfounded is adding stretching, yawning, earthing, vibratory techniques,percussion, and a system of contraction and relaxation to the "Art".Yet they are quick to call people's attention to the fact that every ancientculture on the face of the planet has a ritual of activating their lymphaticsin one way or another; all animals in nature have ways of activatinglymphatics, and there is in reality an unlimited variety of ways in which toeffectuate the lymphatic system.

Performed regularly or as needed people can use various methods of lymphaticeffectuation to bring their cells back into the vacuum packed state found inall healthy tissues. This describes a way to fully reverse the anoxicconditions that always precede every case of chronic inflammation; or to fullyreproduce the conditions that enable the aerobic life process (and healing)once again.

Sources for this story include: The Golden Seven Plus One by Dr. C. Samuel WestDN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist

Arthur C. Guytons Textbook of Medical Physiology 2nd & 8th Editions.
Introduction to The Science of Lymphology & The Art of Lymphasizing by Dr.C. Samuel West.

About the author
Karl J. West is the current acting Presidentof the International Academy of Lymphology. Asone of Dr. C. Samuel West's offspring he began his experiences in the field ofHealth Care at a very young age. He is currently focusing on his writing andstudying the works of other leaders in the field.

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