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Here is afavorite Canadian commentator taking on the recent global warming conflab beenheld at Cancun.  It has collapsed to farce and we have theJapanese formally abandoning the Kyoto Accord and a rewrite been pushed thatwill include India and China.

That theworld has gone on so totally seems to be not on the agenda.  It is clear that no one is now listening,since we are back to a cycle of nasty winters. Silence has even fallen on the forests of the pine beetle infestation asreal winter freezes them out.

It ispretty bad when no one else shows up to catch the photo op.  Perhaps Obama is a fickle politician whowishes to get reelected?  Just today (Tuesday)he came out in support of the Bush tax cuts, suggesting even he will not pushthe impossible.

And yes,with winter resurgent and promising to be lousy for a couple more years, claimsof a linkage between CO2 and global warming are categorically disproven bysheer weight of evidence.

To be alittle more clear, any curious equation produced in 1998 that assigned a valueof probability to such a hypothesis of say 50%, would today be recalculated andbe giving us a figure approaching .05% or by anyone’s science categoricallydisproving the linkage.  This is nolonger something anyone can fudge around.

Yet a feware still trying until the budget runs out.

Rex Murphy: Cancunsun speeds decay of global warming charade
Rex Murphy  December 4, 2010 –11:09 am

Cancun, Mexico: Not a bad place for a summit, eh?

This global-warming/climate-change stuff is agreat racket.

Over in England right now, they’re lockedin the jaws of a very early freeze-up. The roads are iced, the plowsoverworked, and people are angry. But there’s a precious subset of the Englishpopulation that are not enduring the frigid and premature torments of anorthern winter. They’re the climate-change activists, bureaucrats,politicians, puppeteers and NGOs — the class of professional alarmists who’vebeen banging on about global warming for close on two decades now. This bunchhas exempted itself from the rigors of English November, traded their sackclothand ashes for sun-wear and tropical breezes.

They’re toasting their pasty, righteous,caterwauling epidermi on the golden hot sands of Cancun, Mexico,flopped out amid the bikinis and barbeques while they attempt to spell out afuture of rationing and want for all the rest of us. Flown there on taxpayer orfoundation money, meeting up with all their buddies from the bust that wasCophenhagen, the grim, grey priesthood of “sustainable” living are convening inone of the great sybaritic strips of the entire Western world. The monks are inthe cathouse.
But hey, if you’re going to do Armageddon — doit in Cancun. The Apocalypse at the All YouCan Eat Buffet. Parasailing to Armageddon.

Does not one of the great minds decoding nextcentury’s weather see the brain-splitting contradiction of holding a conferencewarning of the imminent threat of global warming in a venue that mainly existsbecause people fly there to get warmer. That’s right, people spend money to flyto Cancun mainly because it’s warmer there,than where they live. In essence, Cancun iswhat the global warming crowd are, otherwise, warning us about.

Perhaps at some level of instinct they do know.Perhaps they know that this show of theirs is on its last legs, the jig is up,the great game is over. After the unsuccessful 2009 Copenhagen conference, they had to haverealized that even Al Gore and all Al Gores’ grim little men would never beable to put the whole rickety, tendentious machine back together again. After Copenhagen, andespecially after Climategate, even the true believers must have lost heart.Witness this year’s confabulation. Notice who’s not there?
Last year, even the Golden One, Barack Obama, swept dramatically into Denmark. It wasthe venue for all the A-list politicians. Prime Ministers and Presidents wereeverywhere. This year, the world’s leaders have stayed away. Even the press,whose Cancun presence is down considerablycompared to Copenhangen, smells the decay of a cause.

Some countries have made it clear that they nolonger are even pretending to play the global-warming abatement game. “Japanwill not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions orunder any circumstances,” declared Jun Arima, deputy director-general forenvironmental affairs at Japan’sMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Given that his was the country wherethe KyotoProtocol was signed, it’s a powerful blow to the Gore-ish forces. Perhaps Japan will get one of those cute Fossil of theDay Awards that Canadaso excels at collecting.

Could this be the last global warming conference?It’s possible. The environmentalists and the activists have had a tin ear and asurplus of righteousness from the beginning. But there’s somethingextravagantly out of key, even for them, in holding their great “Save thePlanet” revival at Cancun — up to now famous for Spring Break and as a hangoutfor louche Hollywood types and cleavageresearchers. It signals they’ve lost the will to pretend. And with Japan having walked away from the whole idea of Kyoto, it’s hard to seehow they’ll work up the steam for another holiday next year.
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