Gifford's Shooter and Mental Illness

Ithink that we can get one thing straight. This individual was seriously mentally challenged and by any conceivablestandard needed custodial care.  If itwas been managed by drugs, then custodial care was even more indicated as thosedrugs are difficult to sustain and going off them is the norm from reports thatI have noted.

Thereis really no grey area with this chap.  Hewas nuts long before he got his hands on a gun and unloaded it into a crowdaround Gifford.  Had Gifford not beenthere, would we have even heard of this?

Thistype of mental instability is completely identifiable, unlike recent examplesof teenage depression responses that are just as dangerous.  It is inexcusable to provide close monitoringand necessary intervention.
  The rulesare simple.  On your meds, you check indaily and off your meds, you join a contemplation retreat to enjoy a drug clearmind.  This allows maximum freedom ofaction for an afflicted person.  The realmiracle is that we can manage it with meds at all.

Thisis not too great a price to pay in order to both protect society and manage thehuman resource in a positive manner.

Ifwe are fortunate, some practical good may come out of all this.  In the meantime, my condolences to theaffected families caught in this horror.

Giffords shooter shows pattern ofpsychiatric derangement; no clear political affiliation

Saturday, January 08, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Of all the senseless acts ofviolence we've seen over the years, today's shooting at a Gabrielle Giffordspublic event in Tucsonreally strikes home. I spent time in the company of "Gabby" Giffordsand met many members of her staff during her first run for Congress. I saw heras a "balanced" representative (a former Republican turned Democratwho still, for example, supported Second Amendment rights) who I thought couldbring some new energy into Washington, which seems to perpetually suffer from"Good 'Old Boys" syndrome.

That she has been violently attacked by an individual who is obviously mentallyderanged is shocking and extremely disturbing. Almost as disturbing is how themainstream media has latched onto this story as a way to demonize anyone who believesin the U.S.Constitution. The shooting suspect
Jared Lee Loughner, is, by any sensible interpretation, mentallyderanged. Yes, he mentioned the Constitution among his various ramblings, buthe also listed the Communist Manifestoasbeing among his favorite books. In addition, he released a YouTube videocontaining unintelligible ramblings of repeated nonsense phrases, includingreferences to the government taking away "grammar," of having acolorful bird on his shoulder, brainwashing and what he called "consciencedreaming."

The utterly false and irresponsible accusation floating around certain circleson the 'net that Loughner was some sort of extreme right winger who targeted aDemocrat is extremely irresponsible and hateful.
Giffordswas pro Second Amendment and publicly supportedthe right of the People to keep and bear arms. She's actually a gunowner who urged the U.S. SupremeCourt to protect Second Amendment rights. She was also a huge supporter ofastronger border with Mexico, which has traditionally been one of the keypositions of Arizonaconservatives. Giffords can't be pigeonholed into a label, you see. Her viewsare far more complex than "Democrat" vs "Republican." Sheis certainly no "left-wing liberal," and the attack on her doesn'tappear to be politically motivated at all (see below).

A pattern of psychiatric intervention?

What's clear from the shooting is that Loughnerwas gunning for EVERYBODY, not just Giffords.He unloaded multiple rounds (15 - 20 rounds, according to press reports) on anybodyand everybody standing nearby: Children, adults, etc.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? A young white male, disillusioned, confused,mentally deranged... and opening fire on innocent people? That's the pattern wesaw in
the Columbine High School shootings in 1999, and it turned out that the shooters, EricHarris and Dylan Klebold, were on psychiatric medications.

In fact, numerous public shootings have been carried out by those who areeither on psychiatric medications or who have recently stopped taking them(which can be just as dangerous in the short term). Eric Harris and DylanKlebold talked about how their world had become like a dream, where theycouldn't tell the difference between the dream world and the waking world.
Those arenow virtually the same words as Jared Lee Loughner who, in his various ramblings, talked about"sleepwalking" during the day and "conscience dreaming[sic]" at other times.

While we have no proof yet that psychiatric drugs are involved here, we do seea very suspicious pattern of mental instability that suggests a likelyconnection. The sleepwalking behaviors Loughner describes are, in fact,
commonside effects of psychotropic drugs such as Ambien, which is famous for causing people to actually"sleep drive" into town and suddenly awake in the middle of the road,driving their car in their pajamas, with no knowledge of how they got there

I must stress that we don't yet know whether Loughner was on sleepingmedications or psychiatric drugs, but
his behavior fits the pattern of someone who was: The lack of touch withreality, the violent and indiscriminate shooting, and the interweaving of thedream world with the real world. These are red flags of someone who is eithersuffering from a severe nutritional deficiency that affects brain function(vitamin D, for example, is important for preventing schizophrenia) or someonewhose brain has been chemically altered through pharmacological intervention.

The phrase "young white male" should scream out the obviousstatistical link to ADHD drugs, by the way. NaturalNews is attempting todetermine whether Loughner was previously on psychiatric medications.

What is VERY clear at this point is that Loughner was not of the presence ofmind to be rationally affiliated with ANY political party: Not on the left, northe right. His apparent psychosis takes him way out of the realm of rationalparticipation in any particular philosophy. Even his favorite books listed onhis Myspace page adhere to no particularly consistent overriding philosophy. Hewas, however, fascinated with the question of what is real versus what's justan imaginary dream. He was a fan of Alice in Wonderland, for example, as wellas George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Don't be fooled by the MSM coverage of thisstory

Although there is still much more to emerge fromthis tragic event, it is clear that this is not some simple story about adisgruntled patriot who wanted to kill a Democrat. In fact, Loughner was nopatriot at all: He openly talked about burning the American flag.

Rather, this is really a story about
mental illness in America, and the roots of this mental illness areundoubtedly partly found in these elements:

• The chemical contamination of our food and water (fluoride, food additives,etc.)
• Widespread nutritional deficiencies that promote mental illness
• The scourge of the psychiatric drug industry and the widespread drugging ofteens and children

... and also, quite possibly:

• The "programming" of young males with extremely violent video gameswhich are now also used in the military to desensitize young adults to theviolence of killing. Loughner, by the way, was reportedly a military recruit.

As more facts emerge from this story, we will do our best to cover them here onNaturalNews. I am
personally angered by these events as well as the mainstream media's outrageouslydishonest attempts to twist this story into some sort of "gun nut"angle, which it most definitely is not.

I am also extremely saddened at the loss of life that occurred today, right inTucson, virtually right next door to where I used to shop for organic produceat the Whole Foods on Oracle (used to be Wild Oats). That was not a"bad" part of town. That whole section of Tucson is actually the safer part of thetown. In many ways, it is the "yuppie" part of town where thewealthier folks lived, with their high-end schools. Loughner attended one ofthose high schools on the northwest side of Tucson, I've been told. He was notpart of the far rougher schools on the South side of that city.

My heart goes out to Giffords, her family, and the other victims of thissenseless crime. Most especially to the young child who was reportedly shot,and the federal judge who was reportedly killed. Several Giffords staff memberswere also harmed or killed (we don't have solid details yet). I can tell youthat, from my personal experience,
the Giffords staff members are verydedicated, hard-working honest people and noneof them deserve this kind of treatment. I may not agree with all the politicaldecisions of Giffords (she voted for Obamacare, for example), but neither do Icondone any use of violence to settle such disagreements.

But remember,
this was not an act of political activism. This was an act of madness carried out by amentally deranged individual. I do not believe Giffords' political positionshad anything to do with it at all. After all, Loughner shot at all the otherpeople in the crowd, too, and he had no way to know their political viewseither.

Tucson cops, concealed carry firearms andmore

There isa report that one individual in the crowd was carrying a concealed firearm andmanaged to bring it to bear in an effort to stop Loughner from committingfurther violence. This may have been a lifesaving action. Many people in Arizona carry concealedfirearms legally, acting as a sort of "citizens response team" toprevent such violence from taking place. In fact, the Tucson police department, for which I helpedraise thousands of dollars as part of my non-profit volunteerism there, isdesperately short on cash and actually recruits citizens to help lawenforcement do their jobs more effectively there.

I will write more about the dynamics of this, and the Tucson police force, in follow-up articlesright here on NaturalNews. As someone who used to attend law enforcement meetingsin Tucson, Iknow many of the high-ranking police officials on a personal basis, and I knowthem to be some of the most dedicated local law enforcement professionals I'veever met. Watch NaturalNews for more follow-up reports as we attempt to diginto this story and find out what could have possibly led to such an act ofsenseless violence.

We will also take part in any fundraising efforts that get organized to helpthe victims of this shooting. But the most important thing we can do right nowis try to get to the bottom of what's behind this shooting and then
takeaction to prevent such aterrible act of violence from occurring again.

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