Australia Targeted in Weather Warfare

 Are the unprecedented floods in Australia the result of weather warfare? The article below presents some startling evidence that the torrential rains that caused deadly flooding may have the mark of HAARP. Take a look at the satellite images and see what you think.

Huge Ring Appears Over Australia, is HAARP involved?
Posted on Pakalert on January 14, 2011, by colin andrews

After receiving an urgent e-mail from a contact in Australia informing me of bizarre weather on the weather satellite imagery, I checked out the data and just hours later more strangeness. I am waiting to hear from the Australian Government’s weather bureau for their own explanation.

“There is very strange weather happening here – please check”

Written at 2230 Hrs (US Eastern) 15th January 2011.

A contact in Australia just alerted me to what he describes as “very strange weather taking place over the south west of Australia”. He told me to go to the national weather satellite images if I could not open the images he attached (See left). By the time I had discovered the e-mail and checked, the large clearly defined ring had mostly dissipated but still was just visible on a time loop which was spiraling counter clockwise (Low Pressure system).

The images above is what my contact sent which shows a wide band ring covering many hundreds of miles across the south west of Australia with a small dot (presumably cloud) shown just right of center.

I saved the loop of the area when I checked the site several hours later but unfortunately it was encrypted not to permit this. The loop is not now on the site but the satellite image taken at 16:30 UTC is also very interesting.

It shows a very large rotating over the western Australia where the mysterious large ring appeared from which a small but brief condense trail formed off the coastline and from the center what had been the huge ring a series of what appears to be three mini spiraling arms are seen moving out of the area, moving north east. This is one of those rare occasions when I could buy weather experimentation effects or other experiments being performed by HAARP are being observed. It is hoped to receive an explanation from the Australian Government Weather Bureau for these series of strange effects.

Posted at 4.15 pm US Eastern. January 16, 2010. Colin Andrews

VN: See these below and realize the rain is definitely affected by these anomolies, check out the yellow arrows and see for yourself.


Only remains of the huge ring now moving away north east, are several small spiraling arms. Satellite Image by Australian Government.
Other similar circles and rings seen on radar

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