Antichrist Decoded

One of the persistent legends of Christianity has been thetale from Revelations of the role of the Antichrist during the time to be knownas ‘End Days’.  It has been invokedthroughout Christian history and is a source of great speculation andoccasional excitement.  For this it isimportant.

My difficulty arose from not understanding what was actuallymeant by the term Antichrist.  The flawcomes from having an unclear understanding of the historical role of Christ.  Once we understand that Jesus confronted thetraditional concept of the wrathful god and threw him down and replaced himwith the concept of the loving god, we have our guidepost.

The Antichrist is always emerging in the form of a wrathfulgod adopted into the liturgy of the fundamentalist strains of Judaism,Christianity and yes Islam.  Those whocherish the Mercy of Allah, the Love of God and the Wisdom of Jehovah are askedto fear God.  That is the song of the Antichristin all strains of the Abrahamic Religions.

This surprising revelation informs us that we have noconflict at all with Islam, Judaism or Christianity.  Our conflict is with the aspects of theAntichrist woven into the aspects of all these religions and must be guardedagainst and outright defeated.  Thescriptures of the Antichrist are found in the Torah and in the Koran and areeasily recognized as such.

Fundamentalist preachers and Imams who call down the wrathof God would be dismayed to understand that they are thus complicit with theAntichrist.

Again I recommend Paul Schroeder’s piece posted in the posttoday titled Revelation on Fundamentalism.

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