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One of the benefits of living in Vancouver is a largecollection of Chinese herbal remedy shops able to support traditional Chinesemedicine.  The difficulty is that thelabeling is typically in Chinese and generally opaque to western eyes.  I expect that this will begin to seriouslychange over the next twenty years as plenty of new comers are conversant inEnglish and can handle the translation and marketing issues.  I am seeing plenty of indications that thisis happening and the sooner the better.

The Chinese have developed amajor empirical resource that is a long way from been understood andexploited.  Our own medicine is nowaccepting much of this into usage.

Here we have a herb whose directbenefit is some restoration of hair health in the aging.  Other benefits are indicated and noted.  It does not claim to be a magic bullet, butdoes claim improvement.  I am suresomeone will try to produce a magic bullet.

Since no creditable alternativeactually exists, this is an improvement. It is noted that hair condition can change abruptly due to emotionalshock and that electro stimulation will also increase growth.  All that has suggested that subtleimprovements in nutrition could well make a major difference.

Age Old Chinese Herb Fo-Ti isWidely Used to Restore Hair and Reverse Gray

Sunday, December 26, 2010 by:Susan Laverie, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) The ancient Chineseherb Fo-Ti, also known as He Shou Wu and Polygonum Multiflorum, stands alone asa highly effective hair loss treatment amidst the plethora of hair restorationproducts such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical drugs andgloppy creams. Fo-Ti is not only a superlative natural herbal product usefulfor hair restoration, but also reverses color loss and helps gray hair regainits pigment.

The Chinese believe Fo-Ti acts as a longevity tonic. It has many uses intraditional Chinesemedicine and is helpful for ailments ranging from premature aging, weakness, infectiousdiseases and angina pectoris to impotence. It is reputed to restore energy and strength andis also beneficial as a digestive aid.

All this and a cure for balding too!

All jesting aside, modern Doctors of Oriental Medicine use the herb to preventpremature hair loss,reverse color loss in graying hair and regulate many of the ills that appearwith excess aging. Fo-Ti helps prevent thinning hair and restore dry, brittleand damaged hair. It shows efficacy for use in genetic pattern balding as wellas hair loss from diseases such as hypothyroidism.

How Do Chinese HerbsRestore Hair and Prevent Hair Loss?

Chinese herbs treatmore than merely the hair follicles andscalp.

Oriental medicine views hairloss in direct correlation to reduced kidney energy and poor blood circulation ortoxicity. Herbal tonics use a holistic approach and treat the entire body. Chinese medicine believesthat by strengthening the organs of elimination, the kidneys and liver, and byincreasing circulation to the scalp through healthy blood flow hair folliclescan be stimulated into restoring hair.

Chinese Herbal Tonics Act as Baldness Cures

Improving the quality of aperson's blood, balancing hormones and increasing circulation to the scalp andhead can be achieved through a variety of Chinese herbs preparedas an herbal tonic ora tea. Fo-Ti or He shou wu is the primary herb used for hair re-growth eitheron its own or in combination with other Chinese herbs such as ligustrum, danggui, drynaria and sesame.

Use of Chinese herbal tonicsfor hair restoration and thinning hair should be viewed as a long-term cure. It is not an instant fix.Once the inner essence or vital force is restored, the beneficial effects ofthese herbal treatments may be seen on the scalp and hair.

Course of Use for Fo-Ti for Hair Restoration and Revitalizing Hair Color

Three weeks to a year is recommended by Chinese herbalists as an acceptableperiod in which to see adequate changes to the scalp to restore thinning hair,alopecia and natural haircolor pigment.

Consult a Doctor of Oriental Medicine or an expert in Chinese herbs forpreparation and the appropriate dose.

Side Effects of Fo-Ti

Most side effects are mild and a simple adjustment of the dose will be enoughto eliminate occasional diarrhea or stomach upset. There have been reports ofsevere liver problems in rare instances for sensitive individuals. In theinstance of jaundice or yellowing of the skin or pain in the upper rightabdomen over the liver, stop consuming the herb and seek medical attention.Some estrogenic effects have been noted and an increase in estrogen dominance hasbeen noted in susceptible individuals.

For those looking for an effective product for hair restoration or to bringnatural color back to graying hair, Fo-Ti may be the answer.

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