Hatin' Palin - Gunning for the Presidency

This is a very funny piece ofcommentary by Megan Fox who is a Palin fan as I admit, I am. I have never seenso vitriolic an attack on a political person by the media in my life.

It was also the making of thePalin upcoming presidential candidacy and her recent success in using the media to makeher fortune and present her personal message.   As I posted at the very beginning, all thenegative stuff invented to stop her merely made her immune later.  This is now later. 

This lady is going to shoother way into the Whitehouse and I am going to have fun using that image whileshe does it.

I do not think that hercandidacy will be a romp simply because two other candidates are also deemeddeserving at least.  A great ticket wouldbe Palin - Romney inasmuch as Romney could be as important for the same reasonsas Cheney.

However, her sheer charismaand ability to communicate is quite capable of rolling over allopposition.  Her alignment with the teaparty makes traditional vote hustling in Iowa et al very unpredictable.  She is obviously both the Tea Party favoriteand the favorite of core republican voters. I simply think that the usual elites will be unable to stand up to herafter a show of token resistance.

And since the Democrats havefired all plausible bullets at her already in the past campaign, they are introuble trying to stop her at all. 

Hatin’ Palin – Why She Provokes the Left

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Palin DerangementSyndrome

Hatin’ Palin – Why Palin Provokes the Left’s Fury

When Sarah Palin first stepped onto thenational stage (in the hottest red high heels anyone ever saw) this country waschanged forever. It will be remembered in history as the moment conservativewomen stepped onto the grid in a meaningful way. In the same instant, the Leftfroze in terror and a seething hatred began to build until it could no longerbe contained and was unleashed in the most brutal assault on a woman in politics thisnation has ever seen. The most vile and disgusting remarks were madeabout her family, her baby’s paternity, hermarriage and hermotherhood. Late night comics made rape jokes about her minor daughter anddegraded her by calling her a “stewardess” and “sexy secretary.”

Leftist website the Daily Kos started the rumorsabout Trig not being Sarah’s child, but if you look for the story today youwill find this message on the Kos, “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find that story.”Typical. It went down the memory hole. But here’s one that didn’t go down thememory hole thanks to screen grabs and smart bloggers: Alan Colmes,creepy Ichabod Crane look-a-like, had the audacity to suggest Palin didn’t seek proper pre-natal care during herpregnancy. This is rich coming from a guy for whom “pre-natal care”includes visits to Planned Parenthood butchers. Colmes tried to delete thestory when he realized what a jerk he was for posting it. That’s what leftistscall “courage.”

MSNBC used faked, highly sexualized photos of Sarah in anews broadcast which they later had to grovel over.But it didn’t stop them from flippantly arguing they were just having some“fun.” I’m curious as to whatNewsweek‘sexcuse was for allowing a Sarah Palin doll dressed up in a sexy school-girl outfit,shirt unbuttoned to show off a red bra to be featured in one of their stories aboutPalin. The hatred was (and still is) palpable. But why? The following are thetop ten reasons leftist moonbats hate Sarah Palin.

10. She’s Prettier Than You (and She Couldn’t Care Less)

“Caribou Barbie,” they sneered while insinuating anyoneas attractive as Palin couldn’t possibly house a brain behind that stunningface. And she is stunning. Palin is one of those beautiful women for whom doorsopen, heads turn and lesser beauties fade. She’s one of those girls I imaginehad a hard time keeping girlfriends if any were too self-conscious to be lostbehind the radiance that is Sarah.

And yet, she is the most unassuming beauty queen I eversaw. How many women on TV can you name who would be caught dead in waders(giant rubber pants with suspenders that make even a taut size 4 look like sheweighs 200lbs) and slugging giant halibut with a billy club? And yet, there sheis on her show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska,without a stitch of makeup, hair a mess, up to her elbows in fish guts (having amarvelous time) and still managingto look better than most Cover Girls. It must really burn Maureen Dowd that onher best day (with professional makeup artists) she can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin working a slime line.

This might explain why Dowd has repeatedly said nasty things like Palin is “onenutty puppy,” and has a penchant for “naughty monkey high heels.” I’m willing to bet there’s more than alittle jealousy that no one would look twice at her in those same (fabulous)shoes.

Of course, Palin doesn’t care about any of this and wouldprobably not approve of my bringing it up, but I can’t help myself. Much of thehatred from the Left (especially from the women) stems from this type of pettyjealousy. And who could blame them? Conservative women in politics tend to be more attractive thanleftist politicians.Usually that’s because conservatives do their hair and wear makeup versus the Janeane Garofalo approachwhich involves not showering and wearing big clunky spectacles last seen onBuddy Holly.

It might also have to do with the optimistic,baby-loving, country-loving, family-centered outlook conservative womenembrace. It’s better for your pores to have a spirit of love. It reminds me ofa country song (doesn’t everything?) We’re just like you. Only prettier.

9. She’s Married to the Father of All Her Children (i.e.Traditional Family)

Despite the best efforts of the tabloid media (and bytabloid I mean the major networks) to implode the Palins’ marriage, they failed. Sarahand her highschool sweetheart, Todd,are still happily married and doing just fine. They have mutual admiration foreach other and it shows. Everything out of Sarah’s mouth regarding her husbandis complimentary. (I hope Kate Goesslin took notes for her next marriage.)

The other thing that sticks in the craw of the Left isthe non-traditional setup of this traditional marriage. Sarah brings home the bacon and Todd cares for thebabies and cooks! It’s a “feminist’s” dream come true right?Gloria Steinem oncesaid,

We know that we can do what men can do, but we still don’t know thatmen can do what women can do. That’s absolutely crucial. We can’t go on doingtwo jobs.

Seems like the Palins know this very well. But it doesnot endear them to the Left. Sarah has everything the lefty-fems said theywanted. A career,children, a husband who embraces his feminine side and helps around the house and yet they hate her for it. Probablybecause they’ve never been able to achieve the dream they sold for themselves.

A post-script in this category is Sarah Palin asfertility goddess. This powerful archetypal image is something the fauxfeminists have laid claim to, presupposing that women because of theirfertility power and life-giving ability were at one time in ancient herstory reveredand worshiped. I took the college indoctrination courses and there is no proof of this nonsenseof course. Only a couple of cave paintings andcarvings that look like ancient porn to me. But the fertility goddess imagelasts and is still a powerful one in the mind of mankind.

Sarah is a modern fertility goddess. Her five childrenare proof and her sexual attractiveness only increases with the evidence of herfertility. In the basic caveman mind of man, she is the epitome of the perfectmate who clearly has no trouble procreating and has retained her sexual allure.Not only do her five children give evidence of her fertility, but Sarah is sopotent it has spilled over onto her oldest daughter who has begun the ancientcycle again by givingbirth. Sarah is a grandmother! And yet, her fertility on display is likecatnip for most people (men especially.) Her status as a grandmother doesn’tdiminish her attractiveness at all.

The leftist feminists are tied in knots over this one. Onone hand they want to embrace the fertility goddess in all women. (For themthis means attending several showings of the Vagina Monologues per year andstaring endlessly at their hoohas with hand-held mirrors.) They are theadvocates of goddess worship.

The Great Goddess was worshiped as the feminine life force deeplyconnected to nature and fertility, responsible both for creating life and fordestroying life

This connection progressive feministsfeel to the ancient fertility goddess is deep. There are many exhaustive tomeson the subject. But the pagan feminists abhor women who have more than one ortwo children and refer to them as “breeders.” They revere women who advertise they killed the evidence of theirfertility through abortions. They know there is a disconnect in this thinking.They may not be able to explain it, but they feel it when they look at Sarahand her brood. They want to deride her for her choice but you can’t helpwondering if they secretly wish they had the same freedom. It is as if theyknow what she is should be respected based on all their beliefs, but beliefs bedamned, she’s not one of them.Her failure to tow the leftist line makes every accomplishment null and void.Faux feminists hate Sarah for illustrating a basic truth about them;“feminists” are leftists first.

8. She Encourages Character Building,Not Eyebrow Tweezing

Contrary to my opening item regarding her beauty, Sarahdoes not care about looks. (Which oddly enough just makes her more attractive.)And she’s teaching her girls the same thing. There was amoment on the show when they were all traveling intheir RV and Willow and Bristol were razzing each other like sistersdo. They got to talking about one of them having a “uni-brow” and teasingensued. Sarah quickly put an end to it by declaring, “Girls, that’s enough aboutphysical appearances.”

I thought about this and how much different Alaska isfrom any other “reality” show on TV. I hate that they even put it in thatcategory. It is much more like a documentary on Alaska and its natural resources thananything else. It reminds me of my all time favorite PBS classic, Wild Wild World of Animals.When I think of reality TV I think of all the scandalous misbehaving, asshowcased on idiot shows like the Kardashians, Real Housewives and Rockof Love. There is nothing even remotely comparable to Alaska in any of these formats. No one isgetting breastimplants, knocking over tables, making out in hot tubs,picking up chicks in bars by insulting them, or getting horrible face lifts.(Oh where have you gone Bruce Jenner? Our nation turns it’s horrified eyes from you.)

The Left thought Sarah’s “reality” show was going to be agreat source of ridicule, but all it has done is highlight to America how bereft of values theLeft truly is. We all know progressives control television. The leftist cultureshapes entertainment.Their idea of family, that started with the Osbournes and has given us thedysfunctional Goesslins, the drunken and stoned Anna Nicole-Smith, HughHefner’s misogynistic lifestyle, is seriously lacking. Watching the Palin’sincredibly normal (albeit more interesting than most) family makes the Leftlook more vile than ever.

In fact, there is a warning at the beginning of Alaska that says something to the effect of,“this show may be disturbing to some viewers.” Who? Democrats? It shocks methey can air The Jersey Shore with no such warning, but watching thePalins gofishing and camping is“disturbing?”

Americans relate to the Palins. We don’t let our kidsswear, we don’t let them deride each other, and we don’t give them boob jobs for their birthdays. We encourage ourchildren to work, to earn their way. We recognize that allowing children tostay too long nestled on the parental teat will make it all too easy totransition to thegovernment teat when we’re gone. This one idea islike garlic to vampires for leftists. Where will their new troops come from ifwe teach the next generation to be self-sufficient? We see ourselves in thePalins and that makes it increasingly difficult for the Left to proclaim herbat@$?t crazy. They hate that.

7. She Likes Guns

Girls with guns. You would think this is an idea at leastthe “feminists” would get behind. What’s more empowering than a chick withfirepower? Hollywood sure understands the draw. If itweren’t for the girls withguns obsession on film, Angelina Joliewould be stealing small-town girls’ husbands and appearing on the Jerry Springer Show. Butalas, even as popular as sharpshooter women are in the movies, thelefty-fems can’t get behind real women who want to own and use guns. Instead, they advise us to passively fight off our attackers and get raped quietlyhoping to survive. Doyou think anyone would even try to attack Sarah in a dark alley? That girl isprobably strapped 5 times over with extra clips in her fanny pack.

Watching Sarah at the gun range is fun. She’s anexcellent shot and you can see she loves it and enjoys mastering a skill mostwomen shy away from. The Left hates this because young girls, who know deepdown they really aren’t empowered at all when it comes to protecting themselvesfrom evil men, might be inspired by her and enroll in shooting classes. Sarahcould single-handedly usher in a whole new era of girls with guns andit’s about time! Let’s give those rapists something to fear. This is not goodfor the Left. They have been so obtuse about “gun control” for so long and it’sgot to end. Illinoisis one of two states left without conceal carry rights and has some of thehighest crime in the nation.

Sarah’s weekly lessons in the art of shooting and the importance ofSecond Amendment rights is doing more for the education of young women than any public school health class. Gun sales have increased this Christmas and guess who’sbuying? Sarah hasopened the dialogue among women about the importance of self-defense. This isan offense the leftists cannot forgive.

6. She Hunts

All leftists hate hunters. It always cracks meup that during the presidential election cycles we will invariably be bombardedwith hilarious photos of the limp-wristed leftist candidate trying to carry agun on some pheasanthunt while appearing cool.Nine times out of ten, he’s carrying it wrong or struggling under the weight of the unwieldy thing he’s never beforetouched, let alone fired. The reason they do this is not because they’ve discovereda love for hunting but because the majority of Americans believe in hunter’srights and either are or are married to, or have family members who arehunters! During an election, progressives must lie and try to pretend to belike most Americans when in reality, they are anything but!

They usually out themselves like Obama and his famous“bitter clingers” line,

[T]hey get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy topeople who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment

They just don’t understand why anyone would rather filltheir freezer with totally organic meatthey tracked, shot, skinned and butchered themselves instead of paying twice asmuch for worse quality at Whole Foods. And, like Kate Goesslin, they can’t figure outwhy anyone would want to slog through the cold, rain and mud when there are hotels with restaurants where food magicallyappears in front of you. They just have no concept of the pioneer spirit, theyare so removed from it with hands freshly exfoliated and moisturized withsomething that cost more than most American’s weekly grocery budgets. So it’sno mystery when Sarah shows us how she stocks her freezer for the low cost of afew bullets and some serious hiking, the Left recoils in horror.Self-sufficiency isn’t on the menu of totalitarian regimes. The little peoplemust be made to rely on the government fortheir very existence. Those who don’t are a threat to the power structure.

5. She’s Pro-Life and Lives It

Of all the reasons to hate Sarah Palin (if you’re a moonbat)this is the one they won’t say out loud but believe me, it’s at the top of thelist. In the leftist manual, a woman should never even consider keeping a disabledchild. And if she actually does it, she is regarded as a freak. Someone who hasno consideration for the groaning planet, heavy with the weight of too many people. A leftist believeseven healthy babies should be pruned for the good of the species, so you canimagine their outrage at a person who willingly brings a child into the worldwho is less than perfect to consume more precious resources.

This may be the most disgusting of all leftist beliefs.The absolute  arrogance of the Left is astounding. They believe they canbe the arbiters of life and death, that only they know what is best for all ofus and the planet andthe universe for that matter. How would we survivewithout them telling us what to do? It’s a mystery.

It pierces their souls (if they have souls) when a womansuch as Sarah makes a choice for life because they don’t have the moralcharacter to make the same choice. Their guilty conscience makes them hateanyone who has more compassion than they. Progressives loveto talk about compassion but their words never require them to actually becompassionate. When someone else lives in a compassionate way (and isn’tideologically copacetic) it sears what isleft of the conscience inside a leftist. It reminds them who they really are;people who advocate for the killing of the most helpless among us. (Death-loving tyrannical eugenicists.)

4. You Can’t Rattle Her

Despite the attacks, which unarguably have been the worstand most vicious in history, Sarah is still standing, never once bowing herhead in defeat. Not only is she still standing, she ridicules and tweaks theLeft regularly. They hate this. A few examples of Sarah’s refusal to be cowedcome to mind.

During a speech to the Tea Party Sarahreferred to three bullet points written on her hand. The media jumped all over this as proof that she is dumber thanrocks.

Former Alaska half-term governor Sarah Palindelivered a highly-anticipated and ridiculously lucrative speech to around1,100 supporters at the Tea PartyConvention lastnight, but she couldn’t get through it without a few notes scrawled on herhand.
Well, this is ironic. Momentsafter criticizing President Obama as “charismatic guy with a teleprompter” atthe National TeaParty convention tonight, Sarah Palin sat down for aQ&A session—and appeared to read notes written on her hand.

Of course, Sarah was not hiding the notes on her hand and Ibelieve intentionally gave the cameras a view so these hypocritical attackswould happen. Sure enough, they raced to the presses to yell about how stupidshe is for using notes before realizing…hey wait a minute. Obama can’t eventalk to schoolchildren without every word typed out for him on a teleprompter.The guy is so dependent on it, he started to reintroduce people he just introduced momentsearlier during a speech at the National Academy of Sciences.

If that weren’t bad enough, he also thanked himself during another teleprompter flub while he and the PM of Irelandcouldn’t seem to get their speeches straight. Strangely enough there’s no video. But itwould take a simpleton indeed not to see the difference between three bulletpoints and every word typed out for you on a teleprompter.

My favorite media tweak bySarah has to be her Thanksgiving message to all 57 States. If you haven’t read it,please do. It’s absolutely hilarious. And one more reason so-called liberalshate Sarah Palin. She keeps “refudiating” everything they say. (Just Google theword “refudiate” and witness for yourself the double standard when it comes toverbal gaffes.)

3. Her Children (and Husband) are Native Americans

We all know how much the Left loves to co-opt ethnicgroups. But Todd Palin’s Inuit heritage isn’t helping the progressive media feel warm and fuzzy toward thePalins. In fact, they’ve never mentioned it. I only learned that the Palins areof Inuit descent from watching Alaska. Thebend-over-for-Obama media doesn’t want you to know that this family is Native American.In fact, they’ve been so horrible to them, if any of us found out the Palinsare actually brown people we could have accused them of being….racists! What dothey have against the Inuit people exactly? Maybe we should start asking that question. Haven’t NativeAmericans been abused enough?

The Palin children are one quarter Inuit. That means theywill be eligible for affirmative action placementand all sorts of yummy leftist treats (maybe even their own casino!) Theyshould be totally immune to the vitriol of the Left. But no, progressives onlycare about minorities when it suits them. Instead of endearing them to theLeft, their minority status has only made the Palins more hated.

2. She Loves Jesus

Everybody knows the Left only proclaims to love Jesusduring elections. If anyone should mention Jesus’ name at any other time of theyear they must be some sort of fundamentalist FREAK. Sarah has never beenashamed of her faith and is willing to admit she prays for guidance. This makes her a major target. A “bitterclinger,” if you will. One of those psychos who believes a man once walked onwater. They took her faith and turned it into an outrageous excuse to accuseher of not believing in dinosaurs. This came from Matt Damon’s mouth and ifMatt Damon said it, it must be true! And everyone knows Christians (who actually believe the Bible is true) are crazy nutjobs who want toban books and refuse to believe people come fromapes.

 The problem is,most people in this country identify as Christians and we know we’re not crazy and so bydefault we know she’s not crazy either. This makes the left hate her and usmore than ever.

1.  She’s Not aDemocrat

The number one reason the left hates Sarah Palin isbecause she’s not one of them. Rest assured, if she was pro-abortion andpro-big government,they would be announcing her as the second coming of Fidel Castro. (I wouldhave said Christ, but we all know how much they despise Him.) She hasoutsmarted them at every turn. Everything they said would be her demise hasmade her more popular. The Dancing With theStars debacle was hilarious. They were so mad about Bristol doing well, but imagine how differentit would be if Chelsea Clinton had gone on the show? They tried to impugn Bristol for everything.Her clothes were too dowdy, then they were too racy, it’s a fluff show, no onewill take her seriously…they just couldn’t make up theirminds on how to get rid of her. Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz.org made sure they failed. Goodtimes.

Then the “reality show” came out and they were surethey’d be able to ridicule her for that too. Pundits on both sides called it“un-presidential,” without watching it. I would like to remind them that RonaldReagan once played opposite a chimpanzee. And contrary to being about entertainment, Alaska isfar more. It’s a brilliant show packed full of conservative values that is communicating to the young in their language. It issimply brilliant. And really, what’s worse to a leftist than Sarah Palin doingsomething smart?

The real reason they hate Sarah is because no one ontheir side has anywhere near the charisma, star power, and influence as shedoes. And they’re pea green with envy!

Whatever the reasons, it’s a certainty that no otherwoman has ever been hated as much as Sarah Palin in modern history. Her remarkableability to rise above it and even laugh at it isa lesson we could all use and more than enough proof to me that she has what ittakes to stare down opposition and any challenge you can throw at her. I’vealways been a fan, but the more I get to know her, the more certain I am thatSarah is the next best thing since Ronald Reagan. Her uncanny ability to makeleftists writhe with anger and hatred (and dare I say fear) warms my insides. Icould definitely stand to see her do that to them for eight years from theinside of the WhiteHouse. Here’s to hoping the Oval Office gets anew rug soon (a bear rug.)

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