Global warming is big issue against us, people not being aware about cause and some general issue of global warming and its effects on our beautiful earth. Now whole world has tried to control on stop mixing co2 in atmosphere by first world’s industries. Common people must aware concern atmosphere of our earth is changing & average temperature rising day by day as result monsoon pattern could be change. Most rivers are depending on glacier and monsoon rain, we better know global warming is effecting on both, glaciers are melting, rivers and sea level will be rise as result small island could be hide and same river costal area will be lost resident land due to floods. People escape from its resident, mostly in costal areas.

History is witness, nomadize happen when rivers flow changed, people’s first need is water and water is only major factor of displacement. Mostly Indians know this, since ancient time, human were lived at area of river sindhu at great culture was born near border of Pakistan-India, now entity lost, people were escape from land of Sindhu Area due to Sindhu river changed its flow. Intergovernmental panel on climate changed issued report on water and human society’s relations can be reflect due to climate change, Ocean and sea levels rise, atmospheric trouble in equatorial clime areas, temperature rise, heavy rain, floods and glacier melting is major things. We need concentrate on most important areas. Marshy area of costal sea, farming areas which depending on rivers is flowing result of glacier melting, water drought areas. According to survey, 2% marshy areas of costal sea in world, but 10% people are living on those 2% marshy areas on around the world. Important is every year big hurricanes come across those areas and killing people & doing heavy disaster. And one thing, if sea levels raise then millions of people leaves their area; millions of people will be home less. We aware that, sea level can rise due to climate change. Global warming is directly and indirectly effecting on water and its resources, Water is precious for human lives as we know well. If monsoon pattern change, glacier melting more then expect as result human community came in trouble, since ancient human’s displacement and will be displacement in future, but hope human get resource of water.

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