Arab Unrest in the Middle East

Just as Nazism provided anideological cloak for autocracies, so to has fundamentalist Islam provide acloak for Islamic autocracy.  Theautocracies stayed in power by drumming the Islamic bogey man.  It worked for a long time.

Suddenly they are facing a bettereducated and way more importantly, a better connected population.  Unlike China, they have deliveredcontinuing abject poverty and in fact show themselves to be universallysuccessful in only that.  The fact thatbillions of people are lifting themselves out of poverty is not lost on theArabs.

Thus revolt is succeeding andwill breakout sooner or later everywhere else.

This item takes the teachings ofIslam and assumes that they are the end intent. That is true for only for the very ignorant and impressionable.  The people think otherwise and desperatelywish to join modern civilization.  Themajority have already rejected both autocracy and fundamentalism.  They presently look to the military to usherin and guarantee a democratic system in conjunction with the judiciary.  It stands to work as that is very much how theBritish successfully exited its empire.

 Arab Unrest in the Middle East: ACulture of Islamic Fundamentalist Hatred

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We used to think of the Communist Russians as our true culturalenemies, but their culture is and was always much like ours.

The 'Cold War' fear of Russian culture was a fear smoke-screen; "TheRussians are Coming, the Russians are coming!", was once a clarionpolitical cry.

Well, immigration has since allowed that the Russians, ARE HERE, and wewelcome them and their culture, one very closely aligned with our own.

Even when they were in Communist Russia, Russians went to churches, whenallowed to, loved making money, had a healthy disrespect for religious fanaticsof all ilks, frequented cafes and gambling parlors, believed in evolution,watched television, drank alcohol, especially vodka, went to operas, and likeAmericans, desired to party with engaging, gorgeous babes.

In many ways their culture had never been a threat, to America, because they had been so very muchaligned with what Americaalso sought as cultural identity and cultural "fun".

The real cultural enemy of our nation's Western culture and our nation's worldculture, is the Fundamentalist Islamic, who wants to exterminate us BECAUSE ofour culture and replace it with theirs.

In their religious fervor, not unlike the culture of Kamikaze Japanese suicidepilots of WW2, Islamic fundamentalists, unafraid of death within the context oftheir religious Jihad, perpetrate suicide and death to others, with a strongconviction of their own Islamic religious and cultural superiority.

They seek to force our women into the same subservience that they force ontotheir women, to indoctrinate and replace our free thinking and our Democracywith mindless rote religion.

By direction of their Muslim religion, they seek to kill all 'infidels' who donot subscribe to their religious fanaticism, eliminate eating of pork, stop thedrinking of alcohol, ban smoking and end the public education of women.

This is a real cultural war.

Our culture clearly sees the insanity of embracing any state enforced religionthat dictates watching beheading, in a public stadium, as fun on a Saturdaynight, for crimes of minor infractions of their religious laws.

This article is an answer to an Arab writer from Iran, whose nation, as we nowspeak, is again engaged in mass demonstrations in Iranian public streets,seeking justice and Democracy from its brutal leaders.

This particular Iranian, who has written me, has assured me that Americansshall be held responsible, by the Arab world, for all Israeli mistreatment ofPalestinians.

He insists that Jerusalem be turned over to Arabhands and that the United Statescut all U.S. foreign aid to Israel.

To his mind, all Americans must feel 'shame' for Israeli incidents of crueltyto Arabs in Gaza, and for their support of Israel.

I shall attempt an answer to his assertions.

Dear Abdul,

All foreign aid to all other countries may need to be cut from our nationalbudget as we are in such financial dire straits; we contribute billions to manyother countries whose leaders line their pockets with money that should insteadgo to its people.

Most of these leaders steal our foreign aid and live like millionaires whiletheir people are crushed with abject poverty and have little or no socialservices.

This is true in all of the Arab nations protesting in the streets throughoutthe Middle East, these past weeks.

Israeli leaders, however, do not steal our foreign aid; that money goes towardsstrengthening their military to protect Israel from all of its Arab neighborswho wish it dead.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East; all of the other Arabcountries are ruled illegally by strongman regimes, military backed religiousthugs, repressive and cruel to their own people.

Arab leaders do also steal elections, as they just did in your country, of Iran.

That's why hundreds of protesting Iranians are now being killed in yourstreets, again, by its regime, every day.

The United States STRONGLYsupports the State of Israel.

Israel, unlike the many Islamic fundamentalist nations which surround it, inthe Middle East, allows their own women equal rights and practices totalfreedom of religion .

Arab nations do not allow Jewish synagogues or temples to be built andreligiously keep their own women dressed as bee-keepers, chained to very strictrules, roles from the 4th century.

Israelhas pride in its blossomed fruit from the desert while Arabs still camp out onsand.

Israel's treatment of"Palestinians" has been terrible, but it is as cruel as Irantreats its own citizens who are now tortured, murdered and locked up forspeaking out and for assembling in public, to protest their evil regime..

You cannot take a national wood splinter from someone else's eye, when you havea whole national wooded forest in your own face.

You call what we believe, "all propaganda".

We, like you, surely only know whatever has been told us.

Do we Americans know for a certainty that George Washington was real?

We ONLY know about our own historical history because people have TOLD us so .

We have no direct proof that George Washington was real, except from whatothers have told us.

So, too, Americans are in danger of being 'brainwashed' by our own propagandathat we read in The New York Times, as you are, within the closed regime ofIran.

Our leaders do tell us only what they want us to hear.

Israel, its back up against the sea, is straddled on all sides by Arabs who areJew hating, American hating, devoutly religious, believers of Islam.

These fundamentalist believers in Allah and in their Muslim faith, encourageand goad the murder and annihilation of Jews and Americans, as justifiable,from their Koran's religious teachings..

Israeli souls struggle again, against Hitler's demonic promise to exterminatethem, but this time from fundamentalist Muslims.

Your Iranian Arab national wish, a religious promise to kill Israel, is burnedinto the heart of every Jew Israeli who thus cannot see an Arab orchard or Arabhouse as mere civilian property owned by a private person, but only as a houseand orchard of a sworn murderous enemy which stands in front of Israelibulldozers.

America is slowly learning, that in your eyes, we are also all Jews.

Will Israel bomb Iran's atomic research facilities to stop Iran'satomic research?

It shall but ONLY because Iranian policy publicly swears to work to remove Israel from theworld map.

Israelis surrounded; just take a look at that map.

The Arab world's choice to unite behind a uniform non acceptance of the Stateof Israel, as well as its Muslim taught hatred of Jews and now, Americans, willcertainly determine Arab fates more than anything else..

Israel sees itself, as DEFENDING itself, thus NOT doing 'aggression' to"Palestinians" or to other religious fundamentalist Arabs.

Israel is a country at war, with its Arab 'neighbors', as is recently America;both of our nations fight against a common enemy whose Holy Koran's religiousteachings promise death to all infidels, not of the Muslim faith.

Just as Israel believes thatpigs cannot fly, they believe that " Palestinians" shall not evertake their so-called "home" back, a "home" they have noright to possess as their Holy land..

On this issue, Israelis firm and pointedly asks Muslims:

"You have Mecca; why steal Jerusalem?

It simply isn't yours to have, now, or ever."

Abdul, you continue to reiterate that "Iran is a peace loving and peacepracticing nation".

Iran funds and armsworldwide Hezbollah to instill and support terrorist murders of innocents in Jordan and in Gaza.

Iran had also been at war with Iraq, for decades.

Peace loving?

Iran has a virulent leaderwho states that Israelshall be wiped off the map; is this a policy statement of peace?

Much like North Korea'sleader who is shaping North Koreato be warlike and to hate the 'West', Iran also plans to build atom bombsto enforce its national goals of hate.

The free world will not allow this to happen.

The only thing scarier, in America'sand Israel's mind, thanbombing Iran's (and North Korea's)atomic capabilities, is NOT bombing them.

Israel and America actually look forward to a time when help and rescue cancome to you and your people from Iran's regime, a government who murders andtortures its citizens in public streets when they assemble to protest.

Iran's current leader is a thug, a criminal who stole your country's electionand thus stole Democracy from all of you.

When your people complained and protested, they were murdered by the thousands.

A nationwide house arrest of all lawyers and all judges then ensued.

Isn't this proof in itself, that "rule of law" means less thannothing, in Iran?

Never think that you are one who can question other nations.

America and Israel both are dedicated and prepared to undermine and dismantlerogue, gangster regimes like Syria, Iran and North Korea, regimes devoted tohatred and to supporting terrorism.

These rogue nations murder innocent people because they are fed on pure hatredand instilled with a national mind set of war.

As such, these rogue nations stand apart from all other nations by their evilintentions.

Israel is America's adopted child and we loveit.

Do not think that you can threaten Americawith such hatred; we are poised on your borders, deep within Iraq.

Think twice before pulling the tail of this tiger; this tiger doesn't run; itturns and faces you.

Call us "violent' ?

Certainly, violence did prove to be good, after all; it WAS violence that wasused to defeat a hateful evil Japanand a hateful evil Germany.
If you pull the tail of this tiger, we shall gladly come there and freeyou from your country of hatred and war; we shall teach you all how to playbaseball, much like they now play in Japan and in Germany.

You insist that 'Palestinian Issues' fuel the Arab world to hate us.

Has Israeldone awful things to Gaza and West bank Arabs?

Yes, however, these things should hard prove to Iranthe singular Israeli resolve to survive; Israelwill do similar things to other gangster regimes, like Iran, who also seriously threaten it, like Gaza.

You insist that I, as a person, should be sorry for these awful things.

I am disgusted just as you are, but don't mistake niceness for weakness.

There must be plenty of room within Iran and Saudi Arabia and throughout all ofArab Persia for Muslims to open their arms in welcome, to rescue and nurturethese mistreated refugee "Palestinians", to take them into yourcountries, as the 'brothers', that you call them.

But not one Arab country has yet to do this; why?

Because Arab nations use the Palestinian people as an excuse to justify theirown rabid anti Jewish, anti American hatred.

Israel airlifted the whole of an African Ethiopian Jewish population to safety,within its own tiny Israeli borders, when Arabs threatened that population withdeath.

Shouldn't Iran and the Arabworld similarly be responsible for total PLO rescue, if Iran and other Arab nations caredabout them, as they pretend to?

Just as with Japan and Germany, in our great war of goodness, against thosenations of evil, your nation's choice of national hatred shall more thananything else, determine your ultimate national destiny.

We must all, in the Western World, be eager to police our World, when gangsternations talk murder and prepare atomic weapons to do that murder.

Paul Schroeder

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