Secret Chambers in Great Pyramid

I think it is high time that theGreat Pyramid was simply dismantled block by block with modern cranes and movedto a layup field.  The disassembly wouldanswer all questions except perhaps the fine detail of originalconstruction.  I present a detailedmethod of construction in my unpublished manuscript that could be so used tobuild it using Bronze Age Technology in the available twenty years and onbudget.  Thus is see no mysteries beenadvanced or solved by not doing this.

Once done we can then reconstruct the pyramid as it was originally laid out including the making offresh facing stones so that we see the pyramid as originally designed.  The grounds them selves can be turned into acombination museum and hospitality venue and the overall complex can become aworld cultural center drawing huge revenues that would ultimately recoup theinvestment.

I think that the job can be donein ten years or less using several cranes and plenty of rail and truck movement.  Thousands would be employed preparingreplacement stones and the like.  In thisway the destruction wrought by the removal of the facing stones a few centuriesago for the building of Cairocan be undone.  It would be worthy forIslam to make this a great cultural Jihad to restore the damage done.

I suspect that it will takedecades to pay it off, yet the site will then be a money earner for at leastanother five thousand years.  Fewinvestments can make that claim.

Great Pyramid has two secret chambers: French architect

January 27, 2011

A tourist walks in front the Great Pyramid of Khafre in Giza in 2010. A Frencharchitect campaigning for a new exploration of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramidof Giza said onThursday that the edifice may contain two chambers housing funereal furniture.

A French architect campaigning for a new exploration of the4,500-year-old Great Pyramid of Gizasaid on Thursday that the edifice may contain two chambers housing funerealfurniture.

Jean-Pierre Houdin -- who was rebuffed three years ago by Egypt in hisappeal for a probe into how the Pyramid was built -- said 3-D simulation anddata from a US egyptologist, Bob Brier, pointed to two secret chambers in theheart of the structure.

The rooms would have housed furniture for use in the afterlife bythe pharaohKhufu, alsoknown as Cheops in Greek, he told a press conference.

"I am convinced there are antechambers in this pyramid. What Iwant is to find them," he said.

In March 2007, Houdin advanced the theory that the Great Pyramid hadbeen built inside-out using an internal spiral ramp, as opposed to an externalramp as had long been suggested.

He proposed mounting a joint expedition of Egyptian antiquities expertsand French engineers, using infrared, radar and other non-invasive methods tocheck out the hypothesis.

The idea was nixed by Egypt'santiquities department. A Canadian team from LavalUniversity in Quebec will seek permission this year tocarry out thermalimaging from outside the Pyramid to explore the theory, Houdin said.

Houdin said a pointer to the antechambers came from the existence ofsuch rooms in the pyramid of Snefru, Khufu's father. It was possible a similardesign was retained for the Great Pyramid.

In addition, blocks in the northern wall of the king's chamber in theGreat Pyramid indicate an overlooked passage which led to the hypothesisedchambers and also enabled the funeral party to exit, he added.

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