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Whythis report is so interesting is for two reasons.  It is non conforming in shape to the majorityof sightings and is particularly non aerodynamic.  This should not be flown at extreme speed andmay simply be a craft designed for space that was brought down into theatmosphere.

In addition we get a close uplook at the craft and the expected proximity palette of sensations.  This is a top quality observation with enoughtime to study and inspect the object. 

It appears that the UFO phenomenonhas progressed to almost unrestricted observation.  The ban on contact remains in place, but opensightseeing has been allowed for sometime. This event certainly looks to be just that.

Chile: A Rectangular UFO With Humanoids (2008)


Source: NOUFA (Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo)
Date: 02.05.2011

Chile:A Rectangular UFO with Humanoids (2008)

By Raul Gajardo Lepold

According to an eyewitness report from Mr. Segundo Hernán Godoy López, 50,married, an air conditioning technician, residing in Santiago, the capitalcity, he lived through the following experience in November 2008.

Around 18:30 hours, in broad daylight and with clear skies, he was working onthe rooftop of a building on Alonso de Córdoba Street, in the vicinity of Avda. AmericoVespuccio, when he “felt the urge” to look upward toward the south. At thattime he saw a large metallic object in motion. The object emitted no glowwhatsoever and was dark grey in color. The witness estimated that it was 10city blocks distant from him, approximately one kilometer away. [The object]moved slowly toward the northern district of the city, around Mt. Manquehue,toward the NE, in the direction of the Andean Range.

Object Description:

The front section was rectangular with two medium-sized rectangular windowsbeing clearly visible. It wasn’t very tall, but it was long. [The witness]first perceived it as 1.5 meters, and as it grew closer, 100 meters. Heestimated that its front was some 10 meters [tall] as well as its rear section.A square object could be made out. The rear section was serrated and uneven,although it had the same length. It tailed off into four peaks. No antennae orlight sources were in evidence.

The windows were completely black. At the window on the right, he could see twohumanoid figures down to their waistlines. They were thin, grey andfeatureless. The color of their bodies was very light grey and both creaturescould be clearly seen in the rectangle, one beside the other. Their arms restedagainst the lower part of the frame, and they made clumsy sideways moves, as iflooking for something in unison. It seemed as if they were looking at thelandscape. At no time did the witness hear anything, but at one moment, when hetried to alert his co-workers in the lower floor, he found himself unable tomove. He could only move his eyes. He claims not having felt any sense ofdespair or fear, and he stood up to the situation. He felt an increase inatmospheric pressure, and says his body was “pressured” and he felt dense – asituation that lasted until the object pulled away some 10 meters from where heworked. At that point he felt normalcy returning to the surroundings.

The object continued moving in a straight line and slowly. He managed to seethat it lacked wings or other appendages. It was simply rectangular and nearlysquare around its base, which he calculated at some 3 meters tall. Mr. Godoyadds that he suffered no damage to his skin, body or mind. Aside from themomentary paralysis, he had no vision problems as a result of the experience.He figures that the entire experience lasted some 15 minutes from the start ofthe observation. He describes the experience as the most interesting he’s hadin his life.

(Translation (c) 2011 S. Corrales IHU special thanks to Raul Gajardo Lepold andNOUFA)

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