Wind Power

Wind power

Wind power is so easy to produce from simple wind power stations. These wind power stations can be homely ones, which you can install on your private roof to try to catch some wind. The other side of the wind power stations kinds, are the massive ones you can see on the open fields of many countries around the world, each wind turbine like that reaches to the height of 100m!

For home use, you will need simple wind turbine, connected to wind power station, to produce home use power. The location of the wind turbine, the highest to locate it, the correct direction it to and the right size of the turbine blades are all parameters to consider in order catching the maximum wind power. Open fields, down hills and clean airflow locations are the best places to calculate the maximum wind speed cube for producing wind power. For example, out of a win which blows for 30 Km/H you will be able to produce 300W ( per one square meter cube ). Double of this wind speed will generate much more than double power, something like 2600 Km/H. This is why on windy areas and on high potential locations for windy days, wind power stations are the most green and economical solution.

Home installed wind power stations must have stable wind. If the wind flow is much disturbs, the efficiently of the wind power productions reduce dramatically. This is why you will always see the wind turbines in open area's or high on the top roofs. Comparing to solar panels, wind stations are much costly but also much more efficient. Over the years, you will be able to produce more energy and maintain the power station less than with solar panels. Same like solar systems, the wind systems usually charge large batteries for later use.

There are some advanced solutions to produce wind and solar energy together. The solar part of the system makes sure that the complete system will produce power in no wind days and the wind turbines are taking care of the no sun days. In totally, the system produced alternative power energy, green

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