Arctic Temperature Neutral

The temperature work up for the Arctic continues to show no change of any significance whatsoever.  This is actually quite reasonable.  The temperature is controlled by ice and frozen ground that is continuously applied through the warm season.

After all, if you set a thermometer on an ice berg in Davis strait and monitored it continuously until the berg collapsed in the Gulf Stream you would not notice much if any warming until collapse.

As I have concluded in earlier postings, the reduction id sea ice volume, observed to date and over the past decade in particular is driven by surplus heat arriving from the Gulf Stream and this effect has been underway for around forty years.

It may have ended but we are not seeing any confirmation yet.

Lawrence Solomon  July 6, 2010 – 10:36 am

The Arctic shows no signs of warming, according to the latest data from the Danish Meteorological Institute’s Centre for Ocean and Ice. Last month, in fact, virtually every single day saw temperatures below the mean experienced over the last half-century. The Danish data – taken daily – casts doubt on climate models that had predicted a steady warming of the Arctic. Earlier this year, Arctic temperatures had been warming, giving hope to those who back the global warming hypothesis that their long expected Arctic warming had begun.
The Danish institute has tracked mean temperatures above the 80th northern parallel since 1958. For a graph of how June 2010 compares, click here.

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