Psychics Tackle Prisons

I consider this somewhat premature considering the state of research into psychic science itself.  Or have I been missing something?

I certainly think that any process that establishes a new belief system in an obviously flawed individual has merit.  The army does this all the time.  If a patient is prepared to accept guidance it is clearly proper to deliver that guidance under appropriate oversight.

Society needs rehabilitation of the individuals involved.  It actually does not matter a whit how that comes about.  These are all methods that appear to release deep repressed feelings and clearly have the potential to advance the case.  Possibly this can even come about with far greater ease than through conventional therapy.

We are so used to making rational demands yet outright failing to communicate.  Making irrational demands may simply get through and that is good enough.  Certainly the practitioner will be able to gain the trust of a broader group of patients.

Think about this.  A patient sitting down with a clairvoyant will completely lose sight of the fact that he is been treated. The odd rules of engagement are perfect to reset the patient’s mental framework.  In short, even a faux psychic can introduce changes using this method.

Dutch prisons use psychics to help prisoners contect the dead

Dutch prisons are using psychics to give jailed criminals guidance by putting them in touch with their dead relatives.

By Bruno Waterfield 

Published: 1:54PM GMT 26 Mar 2010

A spokesman for the Dutch justice ministry said: "This is not something which fits in our treatment field." 

Paul van Bree, a self-styled "paragnost" or clairvoyant, has been hired by the Dutch prison service to teach prisoners how to "love themselves".

"I tell them that dead relatives are doing well and that they love them. That brings them peace. Big strong men burst into tears," he said.

Mr van Bree, who also publishes annual predictions of the future, claims to be from a long line of clairvoyants, including his mother and grandmother.

The Dutch paranormal, who describes himself as the "happy Buddha" told De Tijd magazine that he is not the only psychic healer employed by the Dutch justice ministry.

He has claimed that by talking to both the prisoner and the prisoner's dead parents he can discover key psychological insights to help the prison authorities rehabilitate criminals.

"With my antennae I sometimes reveal more than a psychologist or a prison welfare officer," he said. "My work can be compared to mental health care in widest sense of the words."

A spokesman for the Dutch justice ministry said: "This is not something which fits in our treatment field."
The Dutch employment service has also looked beyond the normal to use "regression therapy" and tarot cards to help the jobless.

Uncooperative welfare claimants have been told they will lose benefits unless they accept the guidance of a regression therapist to help them get in touch with their past lives.

In 2007, 42,500 Dutch people signed up to state funded spiritually-based "personal development programmes".

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