UFO's and SETI

UFO’s and SETI

I am presently reading Seth Shostak’s book titled ‘ Confessions of an Alien Hunter’ who is the senior astronomer for the SETI Institute. A few thoughts are in order. Seth maintains a sceptic’s position regarding the possible reality of the UFO phenomena.

The UFO phenomenon is numerically huge in terms of independent observations, provided you list simple unexplained lights in the sky exhibiting exceptional motion. It is much rarer if we are in daylight. I think the number is pushing 100,000 individual observations. That is a lot of eyeballs.

There are also a huge number of abduction tales that are likely another unrelated phenomena altogether and should be considered separately.

Close encounters are uncommon and typically speak for themselves in fleshing out the hypothesis of a non earthly origination. Without those reports we would still be debating the natural origins.

The point is that if the UFO exists, it is an alien craft. Earthly explanations are so far ludicrous.

I have already written an article showing how such a device can be engineered using technology just now leaving the labs. The observed behavior and performance conforms to the projected characteristics of such a craft. In other words, it quacks like a duck.

The presence of UFO’s confirms that the Earth is under close observation by the operators of these devices. That they are difficult to see or pick up on radar is to be expected as no observer wishes to disturb the subject. Besides, the technology lends itself to stealth.

I go much further in my conjecture that ET happens to be space designed humanity. If we were to decide to leave Earth, we would arrange for the next generation to be genetically modified to produce space friendly humanity. It is necessary after all. Then one day, we would lift of and go leaving the parents behind to die out. This by the way is exactly the plot line of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clark. I thought he got the idea from his interest in Buddhism. Now, I am not nearly so sure.

In the meantime, all our communication technology is becoming far less noisy and primarily constrained to optical transmission or line of sight transmission for higher volumes. We are well on the way to disappearing back off the alien viewing screen.

The most compelling reason for UFOs to be operated by ETs who are Earth descended is that it explains why they are here and why they care enough to gather so much information. The speed of light is not going to be that easy to over come and that problem disappears the moment ET is human descended.

Following this through to it logical conclusion, our solar system should have a population possibly in the billions living in space habitats previously described in earlier postings. We likely have to master UFO technology and go look them up before they will bother to notice us. That will happen over the next few decades

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