Chicken Little

Hi Stephan

I certainly must agree with you that sober voices were been ignored. My only problem with the global warming scenario is the proposed anthropogenic cause. Mother Nature did not need us at all on that one and how they will howl when all the sea ice disappears in a couple of years.

We desperately need global action of several issues, like fisheries management and global pollution standards that is simply been ignored.
How do we start that?

Maybe it is our curse to ignore the obvious until everyone is hurting or until a chicken little rises. They certainly continue to ignore those of us who play Cassandra.

I write a daily column, principally about the ongoing scientific debate over Global Warming and Terraforming the Earth that can be followed at: or by googling arclein

From: Stephen Klaber <***********>To: Global Warming Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 1:03:47 PMSubject: Re: Global WarmingWhile its easy to poke fun at Mr. Gore's Chicken Little impersonation, the more careful and conservative alarm raisers were getting nowhere. And there is much to be alarmed about, a lot of it anthropogenic to one degree or another. The desertification and water supply problems we have are mostly the ones William Vogt wrote about in 1948. Those listening to more conservative alarmists knew of our current energy crisis and desertification long ago. But the rest of the barnyard didn't want to hear it. It took Chicken Little to wake them up, but more of them are awake now.

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