Global Temperature Decline

This item gives us a fair measure of the total temperature decline over the past several years. This means that the bulk of the gain that had all excited has now dissipated. It is still set about the normal average so it is not getting colder per se. And average for the twentieth century is sufficient to maintain pressure on the sea ice.

The Holocene has a remarkably stable two degree spread. We saw the bottom during the little ice age and recently we had a look at the top. CO2 remains unconvincing for all this. Quite simply, CO2 is on a persistent uptrend that will be broken during this century as we convert to alternative power and abandon coal and hydrocarbons. Global temperatures are not on a persistent general trend but are showing decadal fluctuations in a warm century not impacted by cooling major events.

This general reversal has made fools of the Al Gore School of climate science as it really had too. This is specifically why I began this blog by disassociating the current temperature uptrend form the long established rise in CO2. I thought at the time that the claimed linkage was optimistic and also highly suspect science. So far, I have had no reason whatsoever to change that opinion. We still have increasing CO2 to counter and this blog has been in the forefront in establishing viable options. Otherwise we get to talk about the weather when things slow down a bit.

Earth's 'Fever' Breaks! Global temperatures 'have plunged .74°F since Gore released An Inconvenient Truth'

June 2009 saw another drop in global temps

Sunday, July 05, 2009By
Marc MoranoClimate Depot
The latest global averaged satellite temperature data for June 2009 reveals yet another drop in the Earth's temperature. This latest drop in global temperatures means despite his dire warnings, the Earth has cooled .74°F since former Vice President Al Gore released "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2006.

According to the latest data courtesy of "For the record, this month's Al Gore / 'An Inconvenient Truth' Index indicates that global temperatures have plunged approximately .74°F (.39°C) since Gore's film was released." (see satellite temperature chart
here with key dates noted, courtesy of - The global satellite temperature data comes from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Also see: 8 Year Downtrend Continues in Global Temps)

Gore -- who is fond of saying the Earth has a "fever" -- has not yet addressed the simple fact that global temperatures have dropped since the release of his global warming film. (Gore has also not addressed this: Another Moonwalker Defies Gore:
NASA Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin rejects global warming fears: 'Climate has been changing for billions of years' - Moonwalkers Defy Gore's Claim That Climate Skeptics Are Akin To Those Who Believe Moon Landing was 'Staged')

A record cool summer has descended upon many parts of the U.S. after predictions of the "
year without a summer." There has been no significant global warming since 1995, no warming since 1998 and global cooling for the past few years.

This means that today's high school kids being forced to watch Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth” –
some of them 4 times in 4 different classes – will be nearly eligible for AARP (age 50) retirement group membership by the time warming resumes if these new studies turn out to be correct. (Editor's Note: Claims that warming will “resume” due to explosive heat in the "pipeline" have also been thoroughly debunked. See: Climatologist Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. 'There is no warming in the pipeline' )

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