Lawrence Plasma Fusion Build Out Update

This bit is a quick update on present progress with the focus fusion device recently funded. They are presently in the fabrication stage and this suggests that they may be forthcoming in reporting actual test results. They are certainly continuing to encourage our interest in the project, and certainly the road to additional financial support is plenty of publicity.

The graphics are great and that certainly helps.

I am actually optimistic about fusion energy science this time around. There has never been a real first time around to start with. It always was big science and huge budgets with oversized toys.

Now at least three or more methodologies are in contention and even if they fail miserably, we will gain knowledge for what is small change. If you have a good idea that could plausibly work, it is no big trick to run simulations and from that attract the money.

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics : Focus Fusion/Dense Plasma Focus update

June 12, 2009
We are now into the fabrication and construction phase, which will last three months. LPP has submitted a concept paper to the new Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. ARPA-E is a new agency, molded on DARPA, which is soliciting proposals for “transformational” energy technology. Based on the 8-page concepts papers, ARPA-E will ask selected proposers to submit a full 50-page application. We will know if we are selected for that step by late June.

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