Rampaging Wind Power Bull

Sometimes it is necessary to go to the financial press to discover what is happening out in the field in maturing technologies. Wind is on a tear. The regulatory issues are long since mastered and the economic models are tested and a banker’s dream. And if you had been fully invested in wind based utilities, you could have ignored the bear market now rampaging across the globe.

What is happening though is that the wind industry is on its way to grabbing at least twenty percent of the global energy market. It is safe, it is reliable and it is deliverable. It is now the solution of choice for utilities needing to expand capacity and reduce reliance on carbon based fuels.

Geothermal will also share in this capital investment boom but it is still years away from developing anything like present wind industry capacity.

Technically, this will stiffen the drive for two other technologies. The first is industrial battery storage. Right now we are improving flexibility in load adjustment, but been able to simply dump all your surpluses into a battery farm means that you can expand from the present wind optimal of 20% of total capacity to close to 80% if thought desirable.

The second technology is the implementation of a national high voltage trunk system that permits power transfers on a continental scale. Wind, and geothermal cannot be planned and built adjacent to their markets. The power must be moved efficiently and cheaply.

We have already posted a bit on that, but the gimmes are from the West and North Texas into the Southeast and the Heartland. I would also see Nevada linked to California to jump start the geothermal industry.

Common sense suggests that the absolute best use of stimulus money is in this particular sector. It is getting financed at breakneck speed but can handle much greater demand and can be financed through government guarantees. This is a continental infrastructure project that will pay for itself and will also supply the necessary electricity for the onrushing electrical automotive age. It will also create the maximum industrial jobs. A lot of metal must be cut.

This is from the Energy and Capital newsletter which can be located through my links list.

It's hard to believe we're in a recession when you look at the recent performance of the wind industry.

And while I've seen numerous claims of "recession-busting profits," I'd have to say that crown belongs exclusively to the wind sector.

Last year -- in the face of the worst economic times in decades -- the wind industry delivered revenue well over $45 billion.

But that's not even the best part...

Even though $45 billion in revenue is impressive, it's nothing compared to wind's 28% growth rate last year.

I can think of several industries that contracted by 28% or more, but I can't think of one that grew that much.

Wind energy has truly been a safe haven in the face of recession... and the next few years will be even better.

The industry is expected to grow 27% annually through 2015. And annual revenues are slated to more than double in the same time.

If you want to take advantage of this easy profit opportunity, I've singled out three must-own wind stocks in the report below.

As you'll read in the report, I think following this advice could net you an easy double in the next 18 months.

Call it like you see it,
Dear Reader,
You just don't hear a story like this every day...
Late last year, as global markets spiraled downward, NACEL Energy Corporation - a little-known wind energy company based out of Denver - was approached by its former CEO - Dan Leach - with a very unusual proposition...

...To buy 1,250,000 shares of NACEL's common stock.

You see, before Mr. Leach left the company, he was instrumental to the startup of four wind energy projects for NACEL...

Two small projects in the Texas panhandle,
Another project in Kansas (for which a location hasn't even been secured yet), and
A proposed three-phase project in the Dominican Republic.

Now here's a guy who's made a career in wind energy, having served as senior wind energy development consultant for Duke Energy since 1995. So he knows the drill.

And although he left NACEL to pursue other interests, he wanted those four wind energy projects back.

He even made a formal proposal to have the rights to all four wind projects transferred back to his name - in exchange for 1,250,000 shares of the company's common stock.

Now, if that seems a bit strange, consider this:

This tiny wind company refused Mr. Leach's offer.

That's right. Rather than cash in on an outright purchase of over one million shares, NACEL decided to hold fast to their projects...


Because the offer Leach made will look like chump change... once those turbines start generating revenue!

$47.5 Billion In One Year

Actually, NACEL's decision isn't very shocking at all when you take a look at the facts:

* The global wind energy market has grown 482% over the last seven years.

* Global capacity will grow over 27% annually from 2000 to 2015.

* Wind-generated revenues exceeded $47.5 billion in 2008 alone.

That's right. In just one year, the wind energy industry generated more than $47 billion.

And in less than a decade - even as we head face first into a full-blown recession - that number is expected to reach nearly $90 billion in revenue. . . each and every year.

In a moment, I'll tell you exactly how you can get some of this early action with 3 very specific wind energy stocks.

But first, let me show why...

Wind Energy Just Got A Major Shot Of Steroids

Earlier this year, the Global Wind Energy Council released wind industry statistics for 2008--the most up-to-date and authoritative numbers available.

Despite a global recession, the wind industry turned in its best yearly performance ever. Over 27,000 megawatts of new wind installations were put in place. . .delivering an unheard-of 28.8% annual growth rate during the most uncertain market times in decades.

But here's where it really gets good.

According to the GWEC, "the global wind market for turbine installations in 2008 was worth $47.5 billion." With 27,000 megawatts installed, that works out to about $1.76 million per megawatt!

By 2015, global installed capacity is expected to grow to 294,221 MW for 143% growth in the next six short years. Put another way, there will be an additional 173,208 MW installed in the next five years.

At an average cost of $1.76 million per megawatt, you're looking at a $304.9 billion market-in just the next five years.

That's why we've already taken positions in three small wind energy stocks that are about to begin a very long and profitable ride.

In fact, we believe that all 3 of these stocks will deliver gains in excess of 28% by the end of the year, and are...

I'm completely serious.

Given wind's forecast momentum and the incentives given to the industry via the recently-passed stimulus, the three wind stocks I've hand-picked for you are going to deliver blockbuster gains over the next few years.

But Congress' love-affair with clean energy has only just begun . .

They've already extended the production tax credit for wind through 2012, and have loosened the restrictions on it so the cash can be claimed up front.

They are also making it easier to transport wind energy by investing billions in transmission lines and smart grid improvements.

And bills could be passed by the end of the year that would require a certain percentage of our electricity to come from renewable resources, like wind energy.

These stocks are going to explode when that happens, so you need to lock in a low price today, while they are still undervalued in the face of recession.

In fact, all three of the stocks are already on the rise in anticipation of the wind industry's future success.

So just imagine what's going to happen when the broader market rebounds and as billions of dollars continue to pour into the sector.

I'll tell you what's going to happen.

Alternative energy stocks are heading straight up - and wind energy stocks are going to lead the charge.

An easy double is certainly in the cards.

And the 3 wind stocks you'll read about in my report actually give you an opportunity to profit from every aspect of the industry.

From turbines to transmission, you can profit from every angle when the rest of Wall Street comes running.

And I'll show you how in my free report, Wind Energy: 3 Stocks To Own NOW.

In this report, you'll not only get the names of these 3 wind energy stocks, but you'll also see exactly why these are the most lucrative wind energy plays in the market. You'll even get very specific entry points so you can...

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