The role of governmental framework for global terraforming

I think that any of you who have had a chance to digest my posts can agree with my core terraforming conclusions.

1 Global agriculture can and must convert to the annual practice of the carbonization of available plant waste for utilization in their fertilization program. This method works in every conceivable ecological regime.

2 Global agriculture reconstitutes waste lands and natural woodlands into managed woodlands while annually removing waste to the carbonization process. This results in deep seated nutrients finding their way into the working cropland.

3 Once this process is well established and well understood, Global agriculture can proceed with the reclamation of the deserts. This can probably double the global biomass and is totally feasible through the expedient of using solar driven atmospheric water collectors. Our technology may still be at the model T level, but it is clearly doable and can be implemented at the edges and progressively advanced, allowing a natural hydrological cycle to be slowly established.

It really is that easy to describe the process that resolves a whole range of global environmental issues beginning with excess CO2 production. How can it be made to happen once the consensus is in place to make it happen this way? That, as usual is not quite so easy.

The first step needs to begin with mandating at the regulatory level the carbonization protocol. I believe that the industry will embrace it enthusiastically in any event, but a kick in the ass never hurts. Most importantly, This quickly establishes an infrastructure of the necessary local burn units with the necessary related experience. We can assume some governmental loan support for the equipment is appropriate as long as gouging is prevented. Besides, most can build their own out using the shipping container approach.

Once everyone has sorted themselves out and gained experience in maximizing agricultural value, the next intervention is the implementation of my woodlot protocol described in an earlier post.

Since the government becomes a financial partner in the underlying land and the future rewards, it underwrites the proper management of the land with subsidized planting and maintenance. This completely eliminates the short term extractive decision tree forced on the farmer which has left this land underutilized in the first place and replaces it with an economic maximizing approach based on the natural growing cycle of a tree.

The challenge, then reduces to doing this with every acre of land throughout the globe capable of growing the appropriate biomass in the first place. And it will be mostly education.

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