Herd Management

Since we are talking about the arid lands, perhaps we need to discuss something that has never been properly addressed. Throughout the globe, we have huge populations of game animals that could benefit from management by ourselves.

All these wild stocks are now been managed by a grossly inefficient prey predator ecosystem boom and bust cycle. In the meantime, we have not been able to come to grips with the political reality and the responsibility of been the top predator. Yes, the responsibility!

The job of top predator entails proficient culling of herds to keep then in proper balance with their ecology. This is not even a difficult task. It just needs to be done. And the surest way to having it done is to establish herd ownership and management rights and let nature take its course.

Let us recall that humanity has done an astounding job in extending the range and habitat of the cow. Yet no one in his right mind gets into the paddock with a friendly bull. Yet there are no unowned animals. My last post shows us that we have begun the same process with the buffalo.

The point I want to make is that herd management begins with ownership, not taming. The caribou herds are clear examples of stocks crying out for a modicum of management. Establish legal ownership for the locals already relying on the caribou and have them take full responsibility. We will end up with a major sustainable industry and a very healthy ecosystem.

The same has to be done with the elephant herds of Africa and India. An owner will cull the excess males and collect ivory as it becomes available. The only technical difficulty is to create a device that inhibits a herd leader from leaving its range or penetrating farmland. I do not think that this is that difficult to do.

This needs to become a universal practice. There is certainly enough global market to economically support the ownership model. It also means that predator control can be carefully planned in order to minimize the inherent risk. Rebuilding the buffalo herds makes excellent sense. Rebuilding the plains grizzly and wolf population is just stupid.

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