Lukewarm Fusion

It is worthwhile reading Jed's comments on the status of so called cold fusion in Monday's post. He particularly reports on recent experimental work on 'lukewarm' fusion and cold fusion that has very successfully replicated the original results plus some. The experimental results are hugely ahead of any theory and it is perhaps time I waded in.

It is my contention that we are observing phenomena induced by the peculiarities of short range fields at molecular distances. They are obviously difficult to model and impossible to model using current particle theory derived from back engineering from observation. The Heisenberg uncertainty principal makes sure of that.

Having said that, my own efforts over the past forty years have yielded a core metric that allows the fabrication of particle system models and is actually the long dreamed of theory of everything, or at least that is my speculation. The metric also establishes solution protocols for third and higher ordered differential equations.

My current limitation is that to progress further, I really need access to an army of scientific programmers who know how to work around the limitations of our hardware. I personally was able to take the equations only so far until they blew up. Convergence is a bitch. And it is a long march to construct a neutron model let alone an atom.

In any event, from my perspective, it makes sense that electron bombardment of these structures and their complex fields could trigger anomalous events however induced. We are actually witnessing the birth of a major new area of experimental physics as confusing as the original research on radiation without nuclear theory.

Having said that, I would like to see my audience expanded before introducing any of this work so that we can have a lot of folks working on the modeling problem itself. I am not kidding when I say that the modeling will quickly balloon the need for manpower and some sort of web based community to keep everyone together and sharing information. The good news is that anyone capable of getting into college level first year mathematics will be able to work with the problem.

The first step is to expand the audience, and that means you telling friends who have an interest in maths and science and challenging them. And once I am satisfied the audience is big enough, I can publish a page at a time and open the door for comment and discussion.

In the meantime, I welcome fresh topics to talk about on the issue of Global Warming. I am only one person, and surely I have missed something. In fact the launching of this blog led me to discover terra preta and from there to figuring out how the Indians actually did it. Because of this, I am now very confident that an agricultural revolution is on the way that will eliminate the CO2 problem and restore global fertility. The rest of the world will just require several years to catch up to us. Can we do more?

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