The end of the Ice Age forever

For the last two weeks, I have posted my chapter on the Pleistocene Nonconformity in order to fully present and properly develop my principal thesis that the million year ice age ended permanently 12,500 years ago, because the earth's crust slipped thirty degrees.

Our climate is still adjusting, but we can make some general conjectures.

1 The Antarctic sea ice perimeter, stabilized around the time the Bronze Age ended causing a slight drop in ocean temperatures.

2 The invigorated Gulf Stream, a direct result of the nonconformity will continue to dump heat into the Arctic. Will it be enough to eliminate the multiyear sea ice pack?

We can also state a couple of iron clad facts:

1 Solar output variation is subject to extremely minor variation, simply because the inputs are almost invariable, certainly by human time scales. There is no more hydrogen been added. And yes, we have just come off a variation high and it has gone back to rest. These are almost predictable.

2 Polar ice caps are polar ice caps. No other type can exist at sea level and their natural perimeter is within 15 degrees of the pole. All the apparent counter evidence we have immediately disappears with the Pleistocene Nonconformity.

You can now perhaps understand my global perspective on the issue of climate change a little better in my future posts.

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